Monday, December 20, 2010

well hello.

Let me introduce myself:  my name is Mallory, Mallory Alison to some.  I am 24 years young and have a passion for music, people and coffee.  The product of those three things has led me here: to Vintage Heart.

Vintage Heart is, in it's most simple state, an idea.  The idea that at the end of the day, all that truly matters is a basic and genuine love.  A vintage love.  One without bells and whistles. The most basic element. A love that simply moves unceasingly in every direction, right to where you are.

Vintage Heart will be a space.  Space where all are welcome to sit and drink a solid cup of coffee (made with fair trade and chemical free practices, naturally) and share a small moment of the day.  My hope is to one day see you on the other side of my coffee bar, know your 'usual' and maybe even persuade you to play a rousing game of scrabble with me.

As I work towards living each day with a more vintage love and inch closer to creating this little coffeehome, I invite you to join.  Be a part of the triumphs and downfalls of this journey, adventure with me as a long held dream slowly finds it's way into reality. The comment space of this blog will always be left open, share here the simple beauties, how love is being shown in small ways, or just a quick hello.

And a few things to note: I generally don't like capitalizing letters, beginning of the sentence or not, so this may be the last post where proper nouns get their proper treatment.  I do however enjoy correct spelling and the occasional overuse of semicolons. See you soon!