Monday, November 28, 2011

feeling a bit official.

things are moving steadily, and i can't wait to tell you more about what that means, but here is a little teaser.

looks nice, huh?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hey pretties.

i was surprised this week when a good friend of mine sent me a link to a new song he and his singing partner in crime had recorded.  it happens to mention vintage heart and i just think that is fancy.

take a listen?

oh! and check out Whisper War on facebook and give them a 'like.' xoxo

Thursday, November 10, 2011

one step at a time.

hey pretties.

 how are you? have you bundled up with your favorite scarf and switched to hot coffee yet?

 i have always been somewhat of a summer girl. okay, i have always been unabashedly a summer girl. with my (somewhat) recent move to the lone star state i have had to break up with summer and move on to a new season.

autumn, i'm yours.

the crisp air and clear skies beckon to be enjoyed and i look forward to providing a cozy porch and some warm coffee for you to enjoy this season better. some exciting things are going on over here, promise.

 in the next couple of weeks you can look forward to:

a ridiculous announcement. yes.
a reveal of some new branding. i know, you're pumped.
a functioning website. everyone can breathe that we will be leaving blogger and entering into the 'real' internet world.

 as far as progress, it's a slow and steady process. one that, soon, i hope to share with you about. in excruciating detial.

until then, be well, loves.
see you soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oh, hi.

yes, we are still here. and 'here' will feel a lot differently in the near future.. hint hint.. now that the weather has started to drip, it's starting to really feel like coffee season and i look forward to handing you your 'usual' soon. things are really moving here, but not much to share with the world, just yet. so until next time, stay warm pretties.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hipster videos and fancy milk.

i love hipsters as much as the next gal. okay, probably more. that being said, i don't mind at all that these fine human beings tend to find themselves in coffee shops.  but sometimes i come across videos like this that make me giggle at how coffee snobby we can be.  pretty art, pretty hipsters and pretty music.


Latte Art from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.

like what you heard? radical face.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


things have been spinning along here, as usual.  i wanted to take a break from the silence and let you know a little bit of what is 'actually' happening on this side of things.

property talk:
i don't know how many of you out there have ever purchased/rented a commercial property.  it is quite the process, as i'm learning.  while this process is exciting (i mean, we are talking location, people!) it can also be very daunting.  each door i walk through, there are ten more waiting.

the city of austin requires "x: amount of parking spaces per square foot of guest area. this parking must also have "x" amount of handicapped spaces and "x" amount of entrances and ramps into the business.  there is also a lengthy list of requirements regarding bathrooms, and flooring materials, and ceiling materials and electric requirements and etc. all of this sounds common sense, except when the existing structure doesn't feature (any of) what you need.

so what does that mean? it means, as this shop is being molded into what will hopefully become a staple in the austin coffee world, i can't make rash or impatient decisions. my natural tendency is to act on what i think is best and simply plow forward. it doesn't usually work that way in this situation.  i have to make sure that whatever decisions are on the table at any given moment, are deliberated from the perspective of longevity and overall best interest of the shop.  it means being able to walk away from something that feels like a dream come true, knowing that deep down it wasn't the perfect fit, but so wanting it to be. 

and that is where we are at. vintage heart is still (in my mind) on track for spring of 2012 and i am sincerely hoping by the end of this month to be able to unveil some exciting news.  until then, here we are. spinning.

hope you are well, lovelies.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

welcome the cool weather.

hey there lovelies.

 yes, vintage heart is still here, albeit, somewhat quieter than usual. how are you? i hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. with the chaos of the central texas fires, i found it hard to fully relax this weekend. i spent the majority of monday running around like a crazy person dropping off toiletries, undergarments and water bottles to anyone who would take them. while i tend to have a heart that leaps during crisis, i have a couple of friends who have been affected quite directly by this disaster, making it all the more necessary to aide in any way i could. i look forward to the day when vintage heart can be a drop-off site for disaster relief as well as a hub of information regarding ways to help.

even with the calamity of the fires, something beautiful did come from this weekend: a cool front. fall. mornings that require a cardigan. A CARDIGAN! the little southern california girl in me jumped with joy when i put on a light sweater over a sundress. what is that you say? i can wear jeans and a tank top? JEANS? don't mind if i do.

know what goes great with cool weather? i have a list, in case you were unsure:

- coffee. duh. (oh my goodness, its seasonal drink time, people. get. excited.)
- football season. i must say that i actually really hate football. i do love tailgating though. i look forward to some irish coffees at the tailgates as the temperatures drop a bit more.
- scarves. which brings me to WORN.

while living in LA i had the pleasure of meeting a sweet girl named abbi. we lived together for about 3 months in a tiny apartment with too many people, a great view, and the constant hum of LAX a mere couple miles away. oh the sounds of home. i digress.

since meeting abbi, she has gotten married to geoff and changed her last name, moved to fort worth, tx, and started an organization called WORN. the mission of this organization is "to provide refugee women living in the United States a supplemental source of income, empowering them to rise above poverty." while they are not local to austin, they are based here in texas, so i thought it fair enough to mention. WORN has spoken at many events, has placement of their product in local shops in fort worth and is valiantly taking the fashion world by storm.

 you can find out more about WORN on their website, and view their fantastic product line here. i mean, i could definitely go for the always scarf. green please.

 know of any other organizations that you would like to see more of? let me know.

let's be a little love in this world of crazy, okay.

p.s. if you are looking for ways to help with the central texas fires, here are a few resources:
Austin Disaster Relief Network
Capital Area Food Bank
Central Tx Red Cross
Austin Community Foundation
Capital Area United Way

Friday, August 19, 2011

welcome the weekend with this.

this is not by any stretch new information, but this song/band/video happens to be absolutely perfect. and beautiful. in every way. enjoy and welcome the weekend.

be well, pretties.

//local natives : who knows who cares

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


as the days get long and arduous. okay, that might have been a teensie bit dramatic...let's try again. as i stare at a computer all day and remember how much i dislike excel, it's the little things that surprise me and keep me going. like this!

completely unsolicited excitement. makes my heart skip a beat.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

livin' the dream.

i am taking a break from more editing of more pages in the
same-documents-i-have-been-working-on-f o r e v e r.

the drama in that statement was both entirely necessary and intentional. over the weekend i stumbled across this article and it got me thinking. well, personally it got me reflecting and then turning my perspective towards others, and how they may be processing similar situations.

i will give you a brief synopsis of the article, on the off chance you don't feel like clicking the perfect hyperlink and reading the entire article.

in this time of economic hardship where jobs are scarce and professionals who, once touted high salaries partnered with respectable titles and positions, are finding themselves without, many people are turning to 'plan b' or 'their dream job.' this all sounds fantastic, right? well, for those mentioned in the article, this turned into more anguish than help as their hours increased form 40/week to 60+ and they realized that they ran the entire show, with little to no outside help. suddenly their dream has quickly turned into a nightmare, and often an expensive one, at that.

what surprises me most about this is that each individual mentioned was of a different demographic both professionally as well as in age. i think this is important to note, simply as i think our society tends to lean towards the younger generation as having an unrealistic set of ideals towards 'doing whatever it is you put your mind to.' please hear me say, i don't have it all figured out and i am not pretending that i do. i mean, i spend way too many hours doing and re-doing tasks that, if i were more knowledgeable in certain areas or possessed the skill-sets of a small army, would be done much more efficiently.

i feel very fortunate that i have had mentors and encouragement on this path towards vintage heart. i am also, to a fault at times, absurdly rational. i have mentioned before that i have to walk the aisle of the paint department or flip through magazines to remind myself of the pretty that will be included in vintage heart. my lean towards rationality has often led me to momentarily forget the why behind my big dream, as opposed to merely the what and how.

i am also thankful that i prepared myself mentally to work while in the process of setting up shop. i work close to 60 hours/week nannying small children, while squeezing in meetings and phone calls during 'quiet times' and pulling all nighters to stay on top of my work load and keep the launch date 'on schedule.' again, this isn't to tout my planning skills and wave my finger at them in a, 'um you should have known' manner, but merely to express that it is a challenge to venture off down a new and unpaved path. it does take time. it is taxing.

but it's worth it. knowing that one day i will hand you a perfect drink, makes it worth it. looking forward to the conversations and the stories shared, makes it worth it.

so what are your thoughts? what's your big dream? do tell.

also, happy monday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

it's luke's birthday. and other interesting tidbits.

welcome, friday. it has been a long, hot week and i am glad you have come to usher in the weekend.

how are all of you today? i have little 'new news' for you all, so how about a hodgepodge of a post? good.

i feel like i haven't been nearly as diligent as i would like to be here on this humble little blogspace. i promise to work on that. what would you like to see more of? would you like more information on the people that will be partnered with vintage heart? do you want to know more about the vision or design elements? what about the menu? or the process? let me know. i hate to bore you all with sporadic, haphazard entries that leave you wishing you have those three minutes let me know what YOU would find interesting.

i was over at third coast this week and luke //who's birthday is today so you should call (512. 444.7820) the shop incessantly, ask for him, then sing obnoxiously// recommended i check out a little product called,


so i went home, curled up onto the comfy chair in our house (which, i have never sat in until recently, when we moved it into the dining room so we could clean the living room carpets. i kind of like it located here in the middle of the room..maybe i can convince the roommate to keep it?.. i digress.) and went right on over to

besides being a designer's perfect dream, we have an index card sized book that not only encourages you to test your pallet, but let's you document it in the furthest extent of nerddom. i see no wrong with this.

inside the book they offer a flavor wheel allowing you to really investigate specific flavors you taste and subtle hints you may pick up on. it has room to document brew method, bean origin, price, roaster, and how you rate it. i mean, if i were to get geeked out about something printed on 100% recycled and or post-consumer used paper, this would most certianly be it.

if you also enjoy beer and wine, they have 33books for that as well. you can find them here and and here.

so i will leave you with that. go forth and drink good coffee, then support the happy people at 33coffees and write it down.

Monday, August 8, 2011

a weekend away.

happy monday, pretties. i hope this finds you well.

i took a tiny road trip north to the ozarks for the weekend. for any of you who know me personally, you know that i was planning an adventure of quite some measure and decided to postpone it for a later day. this week i am off of work (yes, no screaming children for 13 hour days. i know, a miracle.) and decided that, rather than taking off into the expanse of highways our pretty country offers, i would stay in town and plan meeting after meeting, property walk-through after walk-through and enjoy the freedom to work on this humble little home for you.

i am fortunate that the people who surround me generally understand that i am a work-a-holic and my sweet friend/momma 'becca created a weekend of sheer relaxation and peace. no schedule. no alarm clocks. lots of vintage shops. lots and lots. oh, and a tour of wal-mart.

here is a small peek at my weekend and hopefully something pretty to look at as your work week starts.

i'll be more diligent this week in keeping you all in the loop of the most recent happenings. promise. happy monday, all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

an early weekend.

I am currently tucked away in the ozarks escaping the everyday routine (but not the heat). while I share coffee and conversation with an old friend, I wish for you all a weekend of rest and good company.

a little snippet of what I like to call 'business research'

more of substance next week. be well, loves.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

play date with lolly.

spent a portion of thursday with the crew over at third coast and got to spend some time with our girl lolly. she got a bit of a makeover from some friends and is rockin' new gaskets and filters. runs like a champ. a pretty pretty champ.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

something's gotta give.

morning (oh, gosh, afternoon)!

i hope this finds you all well. the wheels have been turning rapidly over here on the vintage heart side of life. no complaints, of course. so, let's see where we are at, shall we?

four meetings tomorrow: lawyers, roasting company (they hold the key to my heart) lending advisors and real estate brokers.

all those meetings basically bring us to: oh my goodness, cross your fingers, we may have a home in september! that's the goal at least.

in learning this 'open up a business all by yourself' process, i have learned so much about not only the coffee/specialty retail world, but also about construction and all of it's finer points (like my fantastic architecture firm ). i have learned that this wonderful city we call home requires you to have about 300 permits. and permits for those permits. and most importantly, i have started making a little home in the coffee niche of wonderful people.

as i have gone through various stages of development and planning i have had to make some changes (which felt like life altering sacrifices at times) for the betterment of the vision and ultimately the shop. now, there are some things that i will not budge on. as in, imagine i am stomping one foot down with fists on hips and glaring at you. there will be no blenders in the shop. none. nope. i won't allow it. it would probably take a divine act for me to change my mind on that one. bhowever, there are some things that i have learned to loosen up on. 'what could that be' you ask?

syrups. i had mentioned in a previous post that all of our syrups were going to be made in-house. i so wanted it to be that way; i had dreamt up random syrups and recipes and practiced in my kitchen, but after speaking with people who have been in the coffee world a lot longer than i have, its just not practical. more importantly, i can't guarantee a level of consistency that you deserve, meaning, your drinks could taste slightly different from batch to batch. now, we will still have a couple in house syrups that may appear seasonally so we haven't completely abandoned the concept.

random interior design elements. i wanted a suspended community table. cool, right? well i had been shopping last summer in echo park and i saw an apparel store had all their denim on a suspended table and i just about died. i thought, 'that needs to happen.' well, it could happen, but then i would need to worry about structural saftey of my building, the exact materials we would need to use in order to create a sway-free floating table (can you imagine the chaos of swinging lattes?) and the off chance that someone would walk right into it..yeah, far-fetched but i have to keep random issues like that in mind.

so, to all of you that have been following along thus far, i'm so glad you are here. the next few months are going to be pretty exciting (i certainly hope!) so the reads should be as well. i look forward to the day when vintage heart opens her doors to you.

be well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

light up.

hello.  i have been pounding out numbers all day long, so i figure it's best to stop and catch up with you fine people.  it often occurs to me that i randomly spout out information regarding the shop -some vague, some detailed - but that i rarely show you something that will be IN the shop. except for lolly, of course. so today i'm going to show you what i swoon over.

this is what the lighting will be based on. i am hoping to keep the shop lit with mostly natural light during the day (big windows!) and softly lit with exposed pendant lamps and lanters.

what do you think? you like?

what would you like to see in the shop? better yet, have any questions about the process/what i'm up to/when you can expect us/my favorite color?

how about that 'rain' yesterday, huh?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

we're still here!


despite the week-long hiatus from the blogosphere, vintage heart lives on.  i do apologize for the silence, though.  last week was somewhat hectic so sitting down, sorting thoughts, and typing sentences was not going to happen.

so, what is new with vintage heart? what's the progress?

well, let me tell you:

- we are THIS close to having an estimated start date. as in, when i get keys and can start building this shop out. hopefully. oh the world of lending, leasing and permitting.
- a couple more lovely local suppliers have joined the ranks! ( i will save the details on that one for later, don't want to overwhelm you with too much on a monday).
- i have been navigating the ins and outs of this city and had the pleasure of meeting so many helpful and kind people.  last week alone i spoke with contractors, architects, accountants, lending advisors and management firms. oh, and bakeries, towel services and milk men. to name a few.

this week will be full of meetings as well, a few less - with a few less harsh deadlines - so i hope to be a bit more present.  i have a stock pile of people to introduce you to so be looking for them soon.

how are you? what have you been up to these scorching-ohmygoshseriously-hot days?

oh, and to start you off right:

i love this video. i hope you do too. the graduate just recently released news that they were no longer, but i recommend clicking on over to their site. they have that perfect summer sound that you don't want to love but you just can't help it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

welcoming committee.

i have been patient; really, i have. but the time has come. i absolutely must introduce you to my dog. his name is magoo and he is fantastic. it's okay to love him.
enjoy your weekend!
p.s. this was taken while we still lived in LA and magoo was pretty tired of all the neighborhood SWAT raids. packed and ready.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

christmas in july.

i have a confession: i'm not a big holiday person.  birthdays tend to be more my thing, but holidays? not so much. 


one of the major reasons i have wanted to open a coffee shop is with the intention of creating a home for people.  a place to come and feel welcome, let go of the breath you have been holding tightly and exhale. somewhere that you know you are genuinely appreciated, if even by a stranger.

home is, for me, a somewhat foreign concept.  i have always been a rambling soul of sorts and have made quite a career out of moving about, never really getting settled. throughout my various journeys, i have embraced the importance of community.  even when you are far from what you would traditionally consider home, it is important to gather and celebrate, to share in life.  so i present to you:

orphan holidays.

on thanksgiving and christmas, vintage heart will be closed.  my employees deserve the opportunity to spend time with their families, so i don't believe in asking them to work.  but vintage heart will be open.  our doors will be open for you to come and sit at our table and enjoy a holiday meal.  all i ask is that you bring a little something with you to pass on to someone else: a blanket, canned goods or any other item that will be of service to someone in need.  you bring that, i'll supply the food (and witty banter if i may say so). 

sure, the first few moments at the table might be awkward, but in the awkward i have made lifelong friends. that awkward led me here, so i believe in it. as the holidays approach (and our doors are actually open) more information will be released as to specifics, but until then, know that you are not alone.  you don't have to sit and watch TNT marathons of the seven varieties of Law & Order all alone with your dog.  you are welcome to my table. heck, bring the pup too.

i hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july and i look forward to seeing you around the vintage heart table soon.

Friday, July 1, 2011

office hours.

please tell me you are all listening to,' july,july!' by the decemberists today. it's a july first must, so get on it.

as the week winds down and holiday festivies are gearing up, i figured i would throw out a teensie FAQ post. almost everyday i am questioned about what is going on with the shop, what stage of the process i am in and what i think about it all. that being said, i thought that perhaps you had those same questions as well. let's dive in.

q:so, where are you exactly in the process?
a: well, i'm learning that the 'process' looks different for everyone, but i have divided mine up into three 'acts' if you will.
       I:move to austin and find the area/location for the shop
      II: begin construction/renovating/making it home
     III: training staff and opening the doors

obviously, within each of these 'acts' there are many steps, but i would say, with confidence that vintage heart finds herself in the middle of act I. a property has been found (omg yessssss, did you just get really excited? good. you should be.)and meetings have been had about what changes to the space need to be made in order for the fancy city of austin to let me do business there. at this point, i am simply waiting for a little mathmagician to figure out the final figures and then i will begin meeting with lenders, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. if a giant check would fall from the sky, that would be perfect. got any rich uncles? send them my way. i will bake them cookies.

q:what's going to be on the menu
a: perfection, of course. but really, the menu will clean and easy to navigate. no bells and whistles. you will have your typical selection of americano and lattes. there will be some house specialties, which will be stunning. there will be no blended drinks (say whaaat? yes. no blenders. it's okay, i love you. we'll talk more about this later). everything on the menu will be sourced as locally as possible, will be as fair trade as possible and will most certainly be organic when possible. a small sandwich menu is in the making and i'm chatting with a local bakery on daily deliveries of their goodness. still thinking about the blenders? it's going to be okay.

q: so, what's the inside going to look like?
a: some things are meant to be kept a'll just have to wait and see :)

q: how do you even go about doing this? where do you start?
a: honestly, i'm learning it as i go. i am thankful that many small business owners have come before me and provided invaluable resources. i am fortunate enough to have found a wonderful team of people (third coast coffee roasters, for one) who have not only been supportive of all my crazy antics, but also insightful and willing to assist.

as far as where i started? well, i mentioned before it started several years ago. i have spent the last few years becoming the kind of person and leader that i have always wanted to be. (i don't like that sentence but i don't know a better way to say that, semantics fail me) i'm still learning. i'm still developing skill-sets pertaining to business ownership and workplace communication. my goal is only to be a fair and kind woman who has a staff who knows they are appreciated and valued. well, and to provide a welcoming place for you to call your coffeehome, of course. oh, and color palettes. lots of playing with color palettes.

q: so where do you get all this work done?
a: everywhere. during 'quiet times' while i nanny as my day job, all night at various kitchen tables to people who host me, at other austin coffee shops. it's usually a sprawl of random papers, folders, beverages and magazine clippings (for inspiration, of course).

hope that answers a few of your questions and gets you excited about what is to come. please have a wonderful and safe fourth of july weekend, everyone. come back to austin in one piece (and if you choose to explode fireworks even though our entire state will probably ignite due to how extraordinarily dry it is, try and come back with all of your limbs).

oh, and this is a slight screenshot of the typicall work space. i'm not embarassed about the mess, but a little bit about the pbr. forgive me? kthanks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer reading.

morning, how are you?

has everyone battened down the hatches for this week of 102+ temps? assuming so, you will probably need something other than your facebook newsfeed (yes, there is another source of information out there) to peruse while avoiding the heat and humidity that might actually make you turn into a raisin. i have been cooking up a couple different posts of substance that will hopefully make their way into the world shortly, but until then, here are a few blogs/sites that i would add to your google reader. like now. there are two categories: local and long distance. enjoy!

austin evesdropper : tolly, that austin girl
hipstercrite : lauren
adored austin : indiana
newspaper blackout : austin kleon
greening austin daily : greeeeeen

long distance:
inspiratherapy : carolyn
bephotography : becca
sara dee : make pretty noise

who do you have bookmarked to check in on? there are tons of very talented austin bloggers out there, who's your favorite?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

vintage finds vol. 3

how was your week? if it's been anything like mine, you need just a second to slow down and catch your breath. i constantly need to take a moment and find something pretty, remember the world really moves slowly if you let it, then take off running again. so for today, a little something to remind you to capture those moments.

have a pretty and pretty caffeinated weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

welcome to the family

not only is it friday, but it is also the day of reveal! i know you have all been waiting anxiously to find out what new 'big announcement' could possibly be made. well, there are few but i want to keep you in suspense, so for today - just one.

meet lolly.

i have a tendency to give things names of endearment, hence lolly. derived from la marzocco, clearly. i have been dreaming of the day when i have my VERY OWN, fancy, italian made la marzocco. as i near more and more to a day of open doors, little moments remind me that that day is nearing. today was one of those days. i'm still geeked out about it. i may or may not have had a mini photoshoot of the new equipment... you may or may not see those later. maybe. anyhow..

i had the pleasure of finding this gem through the ever-loving third coast coffee and our soon-to-be partner in crime, douglas (he runs a beverage supply shop. read: caramel sauce, chocolate, heaven). it was especially fun to head over to the roasterie and pick up lolly in good company. did i mind when they said, 'you need to take a picture!' no, no i did not.

enjoy your weekend. also, hi! this is my first official 'appearance' on the blog. it's good to meet you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pass me a cold one.

morning everyone, hope this finds you well as we hit mid-week.

it's been another hectic (read: fantastic and productive) week in the vh world so unfortunately blogging has been on hold. again. i promise to be more diligent about keeping you all in the loop.

as summer is upon us in full force and there is no break in the heat until october, it is officially the season of iced coffee. so we are all going to share in a little cold-brew tutorial. i know, i'm excited too.

i first fell in love with cold brew coffee while i was in LA. my favorite little breakfast joint made the most deliscious and perfectly weighted iced coffee. not too strong, not too watery. since then, i have been on the hunt for a roast/blend that will make the perfect cold brew for vintage heart.

i have mentioned before that i am in a love affair with my roasting company. everytime i speak with them i fall more and more. one perk of this relationship is getting to take home samples of the newest blends, freshest batches of seasonal flavorings and various roasts that fit the flavor family that vintage heart aims to provide. luke sent me home with the most recent batch of ethiopian yirgacheffe. i have brewed it both hot and cold at home in my humble little french press and both instances have provided exceptional depth. victory.

so, how does one french press at home on small scale, you ask?

there are several DIY cold brew methods, however i tend to stick to my french press. mostly because it's red and i think it's pretty, but also because clean up in pretty simple.

coffee beans
grinder (set to 'percelator' or 'french press')
french press
room temp (can be cold too, i just use room temp because it's typically more convenient and i think it hits the grounds a little softer) filtered water (i still haven't adjusted to the flavor of austin's water so i get snobby about the way it tastes)

before you head to bed simply grind up about 2 TBSP of coffee for each cup you are trying to make. i have a chinsey little grinder at home so i sometimes do more grinds than necessary, but when i pour it into my french press it has about 3/4" of grounds in the pitcher. //i usually fill my 160z tumbler, just to give you a point of reference as to how much that makes.

once you have put your freshly ground coffee in the pitcher and you have finished enjoying the aroma your kitchen now exudes, add your water. like i said, i usually fill my 16oz to-go tumbler so i tend to fill my press up about half way. (half of a 32 oz french press)

give the muddy looking mess a quick stir (use a wooden stirer if you have it. if not, no big.)and put your press lid on. DON'T press the plunger though!

let it sit over night and when you wake up, push the plunger down and pour over ice. bada bing.

now that i have given away all my of at home secrets, what is your favorite way to brew coffee at home? do you make cold coffee on your own? if so, do you use a different method? do tell.

stay cool, austin.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

stay sweet.

things have been a little hectic around here. hectic, thankfully, is a great thing. the busier i am, the more meetings i am having and the closer i am to opening my doors to you. all good things. this busy-ness does impede the blogging process though, as you can see.

i have mentioned before that when i get beat down by the numbers side of all the business planning, i have to take a break and work on design or a more creative side of the shop. tonight was no different. oh, and i'll let you in on a little menu secret.

we make our own syrups.

in an effort to create distinct and quality beverages, i have been working on perfecting a handful of syrups to make your day just a bit sweeter. my hope is that by making syrups in house, with high quality (read: organic, local and fair trade when possible) ingredients we can keep costs down on both my end and yours.

flavor of the night? vanilla bean.

i will, at some point, post the menus up on the blog/website, but until then: what are some of your favorite flavors? what would you like to see in the shop? do tell, do tell.

stay sweet.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

vintage finds vol. 2

hipster granny has struck again!

word travels fast that i enjoy surrounding myself with grandma-inspired things. a good friend of mine (whom you will be formally introduced to shortly, as they are a vital part of vh) and her mother had a bit of a house cleaning party if you will. with that came a multitude of great finds (and um, can we say free). i am going to post just a couple of my absolute favorites but please know there is much more where this came from. that and i can't give away everything before we open, right?

doilies, candlesticks, handkerchiefs (check out those colors. yes please) and cloth napkins

cloth napkins are to die for. when i lived in LA i had a good friend who only used cloth napkins. for everything. every dinner party. every luncheon. every everything. she even packed them on our surfing day picnics. besides being absolutely amazed at the sheer quantity she had, i was always impressed with how functional they were. now, granted, we are all used to cloth napkins in restaurants, but what if we added them into a few more areas of life?

i am currently trying to figure out exactly how we can use cloth napkins in vintage heart. this takes 'figuring out' for of a variety of reasons. let me give you a small view into the world of vh decision making. brace yourselves.

scenario: cloth napkin deliberation
first thought: wow, it would be really cool to try and integrate cloth napkins into vintage heart.
second thougth: hm, that would really cut down on paper waste.
third thought: i wonder exactly how many i would need..if each customer took one while they were in the shop..i would need maybe 300 a day? (which then leads to a thinktank on how many customers we can expect to have on a regular day, then dividing that into how many sit and stay and how many are to-go, not to mention all of the catastrophic spills that are bound to happen)
fourth thought: i hate laundry. who is going to wash these?
fifth thought: what if there are other granny obsessed people out there who steal them? is it worth the risk? it would be kind of cool to know they are taking a bit of vh home with them. wait, did i just encourage stealing?
sixth thought: i hate laundry. do i hire someone to wash these?

welcome to the chaos (my brain).

so, i'll ask you: what do you think about the practicality of cloth napkins vs traditional paper ones? do you feel like it would make you more conscious of what you are using? does it gross you out? do you think it's cool? let me know below!

while cloth napkins may not whip you into a verbal frenzy, i hope this little update at least provided a break from the non-stop day. oh! and if any of you stumble upon some vintage finds, do tell. sharing is caring.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eye candy.

welcome back from our glorious memorial day weekend.

hopefully you all enjoyed the time off with friends and family. i for one experienced my first 'legitimate' tubing experience. i have only had one other and it rained the entire time and my face was stuck in a permanent 'i don't understand how people can do this' look.. so i don't count it. this trip went much better. we should all go again. okay? okay.

anyhow, i don't know how many of you sit at the office and think to yourselves, 'man, i should really google vintage heart and see what's new,' but i have news for you:

we have a website-ish. we will soon be leaving this humble blog platform for a more 'grown-up' version if you will.

my very talented friend alex sexton threw together this splash page for us while the site is under construction. when i say threw together i mean did magic, of course.

so head on over there and merely gaze into the wonder of what is to come.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

vintage finds.

i have, in the past, defined my style as 'hipster granny.' tolly over at austin eavesdropper likens her style obsession to 'granny chic.' whichever term you prefer, or feel that you most ascribe to, i hope that this little mid-week post will help to boost you into granny-nerddom.

the shop will be full of stuff. you say, 'obviously, mallory.' i mean though, if you think about all of the things that go into supplying a coffee shop to be functional there is a lot [ much] stuff that you need. while i gather that it would be much [much] easier to order all of my supplies from a restaurant mart or ikea, i just can't bring myself to do it.

this leads me here. to digging through goodwill shelves and thrift stores alike. i enjoy the time away from the computer screen and numbers that baffle me and i find little gems that will grace the shelves (and hopefully your hands) shortly. this desire to find grandmother's favorite coffee mug also fulfills my need to be somewhat green. i posted earlier on finding different and unique ways to be green in the day-to-day. i love to repurpose and revive items who found themselves homeless. so, this weekly-ish trip to grandmother's house (and away from the 'business' side of work) will most likely become a somewhat regular posting on this humble little blog.

my hope is that you
a: realize we all have a little grandma inside. gents, pull out the suspenders and weirdly foam-padded trucker hat, it's okay to be a little gramps.
b: get a glimpse of something to look forward to. all of the items showcased will be in the shop. they are begging to be found so feel free to pick favorites now.
c: inspire just a teensie bit of curiosity towards reviving old household goods.

so here you go, a few vintage finds for your thursday.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it was bound to happen.

everyone, take a seat, grab your coffee and breathe deeply.. vintage heart has, in fact, had...

it's first heartbreak.

phew, now that we got that out of the way.

i consider myself lucky that, generally, things tend to fall into place in a way that works. now, please don't read that as, 'i get absolutely everything my way.' because, promise, that is not the case. however, i can recognize when something works out for the best. all of that to say, the property that i have been in love with (read: mildly obsessing over) has gone into a 'pending' contract with a bar/grill/one-more-multiple-flat-screen-sports-place. i'm trying not to be jealous. it's not working well. i digress.

this set back has provided me with a renewed sense of 'mallory, you MUST get out and find more properties, familiarize yourself with the areas that have a need for what you are hoping to create, and areas of growth.' so if you see a sad little 2 door silver coupe, that's me. feel free to wave, i will probably be so excited i'll try and hand you a burned cd out the window.

this 'pending contract' has also brought to light the elements of vintage heart that i am not willing to compromise on. i want a patio space. i need a patio space. vintage heart requires a small space for an urban garden, whether in planters or straight into the ground. parking. we must have (ample) parking. can i get an amen?

but please, don't read me wrong: i was very disappointed. when i get somewhat discouraged with the progress (or lack of) i have to remind myself why i am trying to do this. i have to surround myself with things that inspire me. i must find little [pieces of] vintage heart out and about. so i did what any inspiration seeking young coffeeacholic would do: i headed to lowes.

there i picked up copious amounts of paint chips, some metallic (a light gold and a brushed nickel) spray paints and started questioning random employees and strangers alike on their feelings towards contractors and lighting companies. upon returning home i tried to assemble some semblance of a color pallet. when i found myself struggling, i dug out my 'envelope of pretty' which includes clippings from various publications that i think are fantastic.

so, what are the colors you say? well, that's still to be told, but this is what resulted from the 'creative session' on my living room floor.

welcome to the chaos of 'pretty'.

where do you find the things that make you spark?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

famous friends.

i will be honest, i have remarkably talented (famous in my book) friends.  here is a little diddy my friend chris took for myself and vintage heart.

do you have any 'famous' friends? brag on them below. i would love to see what creativity is up to these days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from start to start.

hey pretties.

so it recently occurred to me that, aside from my short intro back in january, you have little to no idea who i (the 'voice' of vintage heart, if you will) am. where to begin?

my name is mallory, but you already knew that. i spent, what i like to refer to as my 'formative years,' in arlington, tx (which has since turned into a giant strip mall, amiright?). upon graduating college with a degree in communication and a minor in philosophy.. yes, they let me walk the stage with a license to talk endlessly about anything.. i packed up my tiny coupe and drove to LA.

i spent nearly three years in a city that hides beneath both smog and a marine layer and fell in love with life all over again. i have always been one to find the light in the moment and capitalise on it. there is much beauty to be seen, so why focus on what could have been, right? i digress. in LA i worked in a couple different avenues of the music industry, dabbled in the nonprofit world as well pastry catering. as you can see, i don't mind changing things up a bit. however, all of these various bunny trails on my road of life have led me what will soon be a space for you to come in and enjoy the moment.

i chose austin for a variety of reasons. part of me really didn't want to come 'back' to texas since there are so many beautiful places to live in this country alone. but austin, you won me over. time and time again. i look forward to nestling into the city and creating a home of sorts. people here are fantastic and the food is just about as good..okay, also exquisite. not to mention all of the live music. what's not to love?

i'll wrap this up shortly, but i chose the title 'start to start' because that's where i (and vintage heart) am at. every step towards opening day finds me starting a new project. so here we are, starting in a new city with each day a new start. and no, i didn't mean for that to read like a hallmark card.

it's a gorgeous week, take your lunch outside or pull the 'allergy' card and sneak away to zilker.

see you soon.

p.s. here are five facts about me, since i still didn't give you much:

i try to repurpose all of my clothes. they have all been at least one other thing before.
i like old lady furniture and decor.
i have one pair of heels and they are covered in glitter.
i might be obsessed with Mad Men. i am definitely obsessed with Criminal Minds.
i love dinosaurs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

shop talk.


i hope you are all frolicking around in the rain and splashing through puddles! thank goodness we finally get some of the storms coming through.

anyway, as promised, luke from third coast, is dropping in today to let you know a little more about their/our(!!!) coffee practices. if you find that you have any questions or are dying to know more, leave a comment in the space below and we'll make sure they get answered. and without further adieu..


Greetings all,
It's nice to finally meet you, and we're very excited to be joining the Vintage Heart family. Mallory invited me to drop by intermittently and post on all things Third Coast—who we are, what we do, why we do it, and other such etceteras. Little did she know what a maelstrom of verbosity she was about to unleash. Just kidding. I'll keep it in check.

I wanted to kick this series off with a few more basics about us as a company. Joe has been roasting coffee here in Austin since 1993, and his business partner Linda has been working the more visible side of the coffee world for just as long. We are a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing group that works directly with Fair Trade cooperatives in fifteen countries. CC's raison d'etre is to provide long-term, direct trading relationships that stick to the principles of Fair Trade while going beyond wherever possible. If you're interested in our trading practices, I recommend you make a quick pit stop here.
The coolest thing—from my perspective—about our involvement in Cooperative Coffees is that it keeps us actively engaged in the communities that we source our coffee from. Joe was invited to judge a coffee festival in Honduras in March, and he spent a good chunk of January meeting with farmers and teaching a roasting clinic in Nicaragua; Linda went to Sumatra in November to build relationships with a few of our newer trading partners there. Our contracts take into account not only the quality and market price of coffee, but also the necessities of life on the ground in coffee-growing communities.
Mallory mentioned transitional coffee in her earlier post, so I wanted to include a few words about that as well. If any of you are familiar with organic agriculture, you'll know that there's a “waiting period” during which crops must be grown organically but cannot yet be sold as such—while this rule exists for a good reason, it does provide a powerful disincentive for farmers to make the switch to organic coffee-growing: their yields drop temporarily as their trees adjust to new conditions, but they don't have access to higher prices to make up for the difference.
As such, we actively seek out farms that are in the midst of this transitional phase and buy their coffee at a premium akin to (and often exceeding) the standard premium paid for organic coffee. Doing so takes the sting off the most difficult parts of the organic transition, and by marketing this coffee as “Transitional” rather than merely “conventional,” we give you the heads-up that you're still supporting a very worthy cause. Assuming, of course, that you're into organic coffee, which we hope you are.
That should probably be all for now, but I'll drop by again soon. Please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know about us; I'd be happy to expound on anything and everything that piques your interest.
Be well,


thanks luke! that was wonderful, even if you did use capital letters.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i'm an addict.

morning, everyone.

i was recently having a conversation with a close friend about the various jobs i have held while on the path to vintage heart. i have worked at a concession stand a public pool (oh, the glory days) then as a summer camp counselor for 3 summers. throughout college i worked in retail then upon graduating i spent time working in the music industry out in LA for a couple years. while i was in LA (more of that to come)i continued to supplement my 'day job' in music with some retail therapy, if you will. i worked as a barista at starbucks (oh relax, you don't have to hate starbucks just because you love small-scale coffee operations and gourmet beans)and continued my sales position in retail. i thrive on customers.

once i realized that i love music but don't particularly enjoy sitting in an office, i moved on and began working in food retail as a barista and manager of a to-remain-nameless cupcake shop. i always knew coffee was 'my thing' but felt like dabbling in other arenas (i.e. music and baking)was healthy and would help to develop a larger scale impression of the food/beverage/hospitality world.

all of that to say: i'm addicted to my customers.

i love making drinks; i love being able to foam your milk just like you like it. but, i love chatting it up with you more. i want to greet you and call you 'darlin' and make sure you leave happier than you came. now, please know i mean this with the most genuine spirit possible. i'm a huge advocate for realism in retail.. meaning, don't be fake with me just to sell something. we are all people and we can all see through the happy-go-lucky attitude if you aren't genuine in it.

but, customers make me happy. i thrive on the chatter i can strike up with you while at the register. i have been known to ask, 'how's you're night going so far?' or, 'ohhhh, all dressed up, what's the occassion?' and whevener possible, 'first date huh, niiiice.' i may also tell you that you're pretty. even you guys..i mean handsome.

a large number of my closest friends would not be as such if it weren't for coffee shop banter. so know,when you come into vintage heart, know that you will be invested in as more than a customer: i really want to know how your morning/noon/night has been. i really want you to feel comfortable in the shop,to know you have a place here (here being the soon-to-be-perfect location, of course).

i look forward to seeing you on the other side of the counter.

Friday, May 6, 2011


happy seis de mayo, everyone! yes, i understand the true celebration was yesterday, but today is friday, it's nice out and there are margaritas beckoning each of us as the work day nears completion.. that's cause enough for celebration if you ask me.

i mentioned earlier this week that luke from third coast was going to be chiming in with a guest post to wrap up our week. things got a little crazy with cinco/seis de mayo so we are going to push his post to next week. aren't you so glad i continually taunt you with future postings.. i know, the edge of your seat has become the norm as you wait with bated breath.

okay, moving on.

during my morning coffee-in-hand-scour-the-internet-as-a-means-to-waste-time, time i stumbled across the austin street art flickr group and wanted to share some pretty with you as we head off into the weekend. (don't forget it's mother's day.) we love mom's here at vintage heart so make sure you hug her (full hug, none of that side hug business and definitely no fist bumps)and feel free to say something nice too. acceptable compliments are as follows:

mom, it's a beautiful day out isn't it? almost as beautiful as you. (weather permitting*)

hey guess what, this year for mother's day, urban outfitters brought back mom-jeans. you are such a trend setter.

oh, mom, i went on a great date this week and all i could talk about was how wonderful you are. .. wait, what?

not so great with words and running out of ideas/you just now realized you forgot to get that special lady a little somethin' somethin' on sunday? i'm sure any number of the photographers on this site wouldn't mind knowing their work was gracing a frame somewhere.

here are some of my favorites:

photo credit

photo credit

SC 3
photo credit

photo credit

if you need me, i'll be drinking iced irish coffees by the pool all weekend. cheers!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

something to look forward to.

i'm a big fan of knowing that, not only is friday coming, but something worth reading is coming friday. okay, maybe i don't sit anxiously awaiting for friday lit, but you should.

luke from third coast will be posting here friday and letting you know a little bit more about the third coast family.

to hold you over until then?

enjoy some pretty.

Monday, May 2, 2011

monday mash-up

morning everyone, i hope the weekend treated you well! with the gloom, i'm sure everyone is sitting in anticipation for any drop of rain. keep praying/dancing/chanting/whatever-it-is-you-do, we need rain. plus, it's pretty and my car needs washed. anyway..

i figure it's monday, no one is really ready to read some in-depth analysis on coffee trading and practices, business accounting or the long list of requirements involved in 'the perfect location' so here's a little mash-up to get you going for the week.

Graham Reynolds vs The Red Piano from Raphael Umscheid on Vimeo.
here is a followup video to the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

Have you heard?? FunFunFun Fest will be moving over to auditorium shores this year. The festival has grown out of it's humble home of waterloo park and will be taking place Nov. 5 and 6. let's go.

size doesn't matter. these local artists (and defiers of gravity), tiny tin hearts, have been entertaining me lately. they will be playing a few shows in the coming months to support the release of a new album. rumor has it, they will be playing with good friends of vh, ghostward. get excited people, get excited.

have anything that you constantly peruse when getting back into the groove for the week? leave it here. i'd love to wander the interwebs with you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

play me i'm yours.

hello hello, all. i assume that you have officially recovered from your cadbury egg and peep sugar overdose from the easter weekend. if you still have the shakes and need something to burn off all the sugar, take a walk around our lovely city - you will notice a few new additions.

the 'play me i'm yours' public art project will be on display through april 30. the majority of the pianos are placed near or around the lake austin area. the austin artwork is a small branch to a national art project that has been hitting other major cities. you can see more about the pianos and how they have been received here.

i provided the photo credit above for one of my favorite captures of a local piano. you should head over to Peter Tsai's photography site for a peek at both his portfolio and more shots of the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

the pianos on display are just a small reminder at how much i love street art.  we are fortunate enough to live in a city splashed with expression. have some favorite street art? let us know! send us a link in the comments and we will make sure to feature it here.

take care and enjoy the high 80's as a break from the heat.

Friday, April 22, 2011

welcome to the family.

the wait is over, the time has come. are you ready?

i am pleased to introduce you to the newest branch of the vintage heart family tree.

third coast coffee roasting!

this company has not only won my heart by providing consistently stellar coffees and espresso (i'm constantly over-caffeinated, thank you) but also with their charming personalities. most importantly though, they have complete transparency with their product. i will briefly touch on a few elements of their practices today, but luke (the all knowing - always informed - people person of the group) will be guest posting here periodically to give you a more thorough understanding.

here it is, one of the first (of many to come) family portraits.

(left to right: joe, clay (lower), luke, linda)

so, some quick facts on the third coast crew:

located: here in town! head down south congress past ben white and they are tucked away right at st. elmo street. their entire roasting facility as well as offices are located there. it's a really great space and they have been gracious enough to give me short tutorials on the roasting process.

who: joe is the owner and roasting master. okay, he might not call himself that (master), but he is. he works very closely with the co-ops and farmers to make sure the quality of life and beans are all excellent. more on that later.

what: coffee! they have organic, fair trade and transitional coffees. luke is going to post on the details and specifications of all of those titles so be looking forward to that. as i mentioned earlier, they have complete transparency with their product. each pound of coffee that leaves the warehouse has a tracking number on it that you can take to the third coast website and see exactly where the beans originated. i know, i love that too.

so, there it is! thanks everyone for chiming in to see what the big reveal was! it was fun getting to hear from you all via facebook/twitter/blogger! keep in touch!

want to know more about third coast and just can't wait?
you can find them on twitter (@roastedbyjoe) and their website.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

such a tease.

hello lovelies.

i will be announcing (probably friday) some very exciting news .. so hold onto your knickers.

yes, i said knickers.

until then, please watch this and geek out with me.  the music is a personal favorite (i have long been a fan of ben cooper's various and multiple projects) and the process, well, i'm a coffee girl so i love it.

Green Bean from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

spring forward.

it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday..

i'm sorry, that will never happen again.

however, as we approach the weekend i thought i would end the small bit of silence we had on the blog this week to let you know what vh has been up to, as well as some things to be looking forward to on the blog.

the search is on!  today alone i have meetings set up with coffee roasters (locals no less!) milk distributors and the city of austin (regarding properties). as more steps are made in each of those areas, i will make sure to post in detail about them.

for now, what do you think?

as far as your morning coffee, will you drink whatever someone puts in front of you? are you picky as to a roast (dark, medium, light)? do you hate the corporate monster that is starbucks? enlighten me, i would love to know.  personally, i have really enjoyed learning more about the roasting process and meeting the people behind the companies.  i can't wait to introduce you to them, once everything is decided.

in regards to location, there are two main contenders at this point. i'm going to keep that a tiny secret for now, but where would you like to see vh?  do you live in an area with slim to none as far as coffee choices? if you have a saturated market around you, do you like the options you have or do you still drive out of your way to go somewhere else?  do tell.

and for some things to look forward to:

local highlights - as vintage heart grows and our circle/network expands, we want you to know about it.  there are too many talented people in this city not to highlight them and their craft.  as the series starts off, if you think of anyone that you would love to see spotlighted, shoot an email over to or leave a comment below.  we love meeting new people.

assigning a coffee roaster - as i mentioned earlier, i am in the process of meeting with roasters to find that perfect vh taste.  once we finalize who that will be, they will be making an appearance or ten on the blog to tell you more about their practices and why they are fantastic.

design elements - i'm going to start posting more frequently about what you can expect from vintage heart as a space. admittedly, it is much easier for me to sit and dream all day about fixtures and lighting, wall color and outdoor patios, than it is for me to create spreadsheets involving milk, sugar and cup prices, so i figure who better to share it with than you!

let us know you stopped in and what you think.  our goal is to be approachable and create somewhat of a community. so, share!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

flash me.

a smile that is.

we have all heard about it. you know, that inevitable topic after dealing with some sort of sales establishment.

customer service. there seems to be a delicate balance between helpful and intrusive. i have spent a large portion of my time in the working world in a customer service role. my first job was in a concession stand at a neighborhood pool making pizzas in the texas heat. i know, you're jealous. i then went on to work in retail for the better part of 4 years and find myself still behind a counter. so i get it, the whole 'customer is always right' thing. i understand the need to be helpful and knowledgeable. i do think it is important to be pleasant when engaging with people, but where is that line? ya know, the line between 'hey, what can we get you this morning/afternoon/evening' and 'holy crap we are so happy you're here we are going to jump from the rafters and we may actually have ponies coming out of our ears!'.. a bit much? i thought so too.

at vintage heart i want you to feel comfortable. not overpowered by a mask of forced enthusiasm or hindered by a sullen attitude that leaves you wondering if you should jump behind the bar and hug your barista. while i strive, in my personal life, to be a loving and light person, i want vintage heart to carry that same air. i want real people serving real people. and that starts with you and me.

so flash me.

take a moment in the next week and smile at the checker at the store. i don't mean smile while you are shoving your debit card back into your wallet, i mean look at them. look into their eyes and smile. you don't have to say anything, just a glance of thanks.

those people you just saw car-dancing to your right when stuck in traffic? smile at them. if they are terrible dancers, smile bigger.

i won't push the subject, since i fear it will start coming across as cheap or trite, but smile. it doesn't take much and your parents probably spent a lot on those teeth. show them off.

if nothing else, smile a bit with your eyes. the people on the receiving end will be grateful, and far more likely to pay it forward.

i would love to hear from you guys throughout the week. let me know if anyone was caught off guard by your *flash.

take care.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


the week is upon us.

i will keep this short and informative as i'm sure you are currently attempting to double-fist your free beer and tacos while finalizing that list of 'secret' shows that you will be fighting hundreds of other people to get to. haven't made it to any of the interactive or film portions of the festival? it's okay. we know you are resting up so the next 90 hours you can be focused on what's really important: keeping up with who is tweeting from where and how long you have to make it there before you miss the best-unknown-show at south-by. oh, and more tacos and beer.

vintage heart looks forward to being a part of the festivities next year, and in an attempt to help make this year's festival the best we can for you, here is a somewhat comprehensive list of places to find more comprehensive lists. so helpful, right?

let's start with twitter, for 'official' sxsw tweets:

some people i recommend following:
@vintageheartatx - various friends of vintage heart will be chiming in to let you know where we are.

our friends over at Austinist have been so generous as to compile a list of their must-sees. check it here. you can also create your own schedule using that site.

show list austin also created a badge-free, unofficial showcase listing here.
looking for side parties? austin 360 can help.

who are you looking forward to seeing? know of any other resources? let us know in the comments section! follow us on twitter and let us know who you saw and where you are heading.

everyone enjoy the festival, take advantage of the freebies out there, and make sure to take a cab if you need to. we want to see you around.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

we used to wait.

i mentioned earlier my hope to lessen the reliance on the 'to-go' cup. now, this is by no means saying that you can never drink coffee on-the-go, because we all have those moments where time is short and we need it. yes, need. but we'll get to that later.

there are really two reasons i hope to move away from this: one being the amount of waste that comes with cups that leave and never come back, and the second being that we are moving so quickly we may not even notice the time as it rushes past us.

for now, let's slow the world down for just a moment.

i think we move too fast. i, for one, am guilty of this. i tend to overbook myself so as to be in 17 places at one time, with no room for error. that's all fine and efficient, but the moments that have always carried the most weight came during the still. what if we allowed ourselves the time to sit and really enjoy the moment? to fully engage in the person we are meeting with. to enjoy our coffee.

one thing you can look forward to at vintage heart is an array of coffee mugs. you are probably thinking, 'uh.. yeah, i hope you would have coffee mugs.' more specifically, there will be a wall upon entering that will have hanging from it an assortment of 'in-house' mugs. go ahead, grab one and we'll fill it up for you. we'll make that perfect latte right there in the mug of your choice. more a fan of straight coffee? first, i applaud you and would love to talk to you about your favorite roast/bean/region. second, we'll fill it up for you, right there in that mug of your choice.

so how does this benefit you? i plan on working a cup discount into the menu. if you use one of our in-house cups, you just saved yourself (up-to) 50 cents, not to mention a tree or seven. what about if you bring your own? same. i am working on keeping cost low for both you and myself. with that said, the more reusable cups, the less you/we pay.

my hope is also that, by taking a brief second to select mug that you like, choosing the drink that you want, and having a seat to enjoy that little sip-of-heaven, you have slowed down your world for just a brief moment. i hope to provide a space that is conducive to conversation. a place to come as you are and meet with others. all the while sipping that perfect drink.

until our doors are opened, try to make a place for the slower moments in life.
take care.

oh, and if you see this cup on the wall, i call it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the scenic route.

never fear, we/i have returned! i know the 1 week hiatus had many of you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering as to what could possibly keep me from posting.

well, i was taking the scenic route. from Los Angeles to Austin to be exact.

on this journey east i consumed far too much gas station coffee, ate way too much sonic and fell in love with life just a bit more.

*as an aside, the gas station coffee has seemingly upped the ante as of late, i only felt absolutely miserable after my stop in sweetwater, tx.

i really enjoy road trips and i certainly hope all of you do as well. not a car person? try a short day trip and grow from there. it would do you well to see the stars from an open sunroof with the heater blasting on your feet.

on this short 3 day trip i had the opportunity to visit the grand canyon for the first time. never been? go. been every year since you were 7? do tell! i enjoyed my experience there (as did my best friend and handicapped dog) despite the five degree temperatures. yes, you read that correctly: five. as in -27. as in 'holy crap i wish i had packed 54 pairs of leggings and shoes other than flip flops.' i digress.

the beauty of our surroundings continues to amaze me. if you haven't been to the grand canyon, or even out to mount bonnell, take a day. pack a lunch. go and soak it up. if nothing else, take the scenic route.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cupid had a point.

i hope this all finds you recovering from your candy heart comas after such a wonderful (right?!) monday!

since the whole valentine's day seems to be somewhat played out and usually conjures up feelings of a)puppies, posies and fairy tale romances or b) bitter, angry resentment towards innocent (?) greeting card companies and seemingly happy couples, i'm going to steer clear from the subject. mostly.

we've all heard how we need to treat everyone like it's valentine's day each day. the argument of 'why should you just show someone you love them on only one day out of the year.. that is ridiculous!' is replayed over and over as an attack on the day cupid became famous. however, what would that look like? no, not cupid traipsing around the city everyday, but actually looking at each day as an opportunity to show little signs of love.

each of us have different things that pull at our heart strings. what is it that tugs on yours? and to further that question, what are you (or could you be) doing about it?

i'm not asking for 7 hours a week at a local animal shelter (which would be awesome) or thousands of dollars a year to a specific organization (also awesome) but something that can be done in the here and now. for me, i like to have little goodie bags in my back seat.

i usually carry anywhere between 5 and 10 with me for those moments where i'm stuck at a light and someone is holding up a clever sign asking for some sort of help. i rarely have cash on me so the goodie bags were an easy and practical solution for me. i keep them relatively simple and generic and, from my experience, they are usually pretty well received. (i did have one incident where applesauce was seen to be not-the-equivalent to the desired pack of cigarettes in which i was actually splattered with the apple sauce as it was flying past my face, but that was in LA and people are crazy. don't let that deter you, ha)

what's in the bags you ask?
-granola bars (i use those natures valley ones because i feel like they taste better longer, plus you get two per package. bonus!)
-peanut butter or cheese cracker pack
-applesauce (although i am a little skittish these days)
-whole wheat pop-tarts. whole grains are healthy for everyone. shell out a couple more cents for the whole grain goodness
- a little note saying something along the lines of 'you are loved' or 'love and be love' which may or may not be used as a napkin. i choose to believe the message is received through osmosis when that is the case
- trail mix packs
(all packaged in a ziplock baggie. not the most eco-friendly, but i figure they can reuse it easier than a paper lunch sack)

basically i pick things that i like and have a pretty long shelf life. now, this is just one tiny example of showing love in simple, everyday ways.

what are some things that you all do? do you have the opportunity to volunteer at a local organization? if so, which ones? i would love to link them on the blog so do tell! do you have date nights with your friends and their kiddos? maybe you offer to watch the chillins one night so the couple can have a dinner without spaghetti being launched through the air. do you tutor after school?

if you aren't currently doing anything, that's okay too. let me know ways that you experience love throughout the day-to-day. i would love to hear about them.

so see, not too much lovee dovee valentines none-sense, right?

i look forward to the days you walk into the shop and we can talk about all of this over a cuppa coffee. until then, love and be love!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hey sugar.

i love sugar.

this love has, in the past, caused me to take up the hobby of baking. meaning of course, i have been known to throw some flour, sugar and eggs together to come up with some food-coma inducing treats. and what goes better with coffee than pastries, right? i mean, other than scrabble...

in the case of vintage heart, i am putting down my mixer and instead seeking out the trusty hands of fellow austinites who absolutely dominate in the baking world. as a soon-to-be-local coffeeshop, i would love to support fellow locals who are doing things that they love.

so here comes the (ever so predictable) part where i ask you: who do you love? (no i don't mean your puppy or your bff...although i do have a cute puppy..i digress) where do you go when the craving for something sweet strikes? is it quacks? tiffs? hey cupcake? do tell! what is it that you love about their product? what do you always get?

not into sweets? well, know first, that i envy you. i wish i could go a day without pillaging my cabinets looking for something to satisfy the craving. what is it that you pair with your coffee? a bagel? toast? nothing?

me? i'm a scone girl. you can just about guarantee that my favorite days start out with a cup of drip coffee and a (cranberry lemon!) scone. perfect start to those perfect days.

hope this finds you all doing well, and WARM! can we just talk about the crazy weather? seriously, austin. seriously.

let me know you stopped in by 'following'! i would love to say hello to you as well!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pack your bags.

let's talk bags. no, i'm not talking coach. i'm not talking louis vuitton. i'm talking disposable bags. grocery sacks maybe?

i mentioned earlier that VH is going to try desperately to limit waste and find creative ways to recycle.  one thing i feel very passionately about is limiting what we 'need' and what we use. one way of doing that is through reusable items. i want to encourage the use of 'for here' cups and lessen the rush we typically associate with our morning coffee, but that is for another post. today, let's talk bags.

many cities in california as well as many municipalities throughout europe have imposed plastic bag bans.  usually along with the bans, is a built-in bag tax.  there are several sites dedicated to the specifics regarding the campaign behind the ban, but if you want just a general overview, this is a good place to start.

while in a (seemingly) never ending search for the most planet friendly packaging, i think about 'the bag.' i hope to have a small retail area so that you can all stock up and gift every single person you know with only the best of vintage heart memorabilia, and with those mass purchases, you would obviously need something to carry them in. so i ask you, how often to you bring your own bag?

the popularity of the canvas tote bag has been on the rise and they are available at just about any grocery store and boutique. do you use them? do you find them practical? is it just more of a nuisance? do you like the idea of using them but have a hard time remembering to pack them?

i ask merely because i'm curious, and i wonder how such a ban would work in austin. in most (if not all) of the cities that impose these bans, an additional tax on each bag you leave with is also imposed. what about in vintage heart? what do you think would work? paper bags? reusable bags for sale? a small fee, say $.50 charge? too high? do tell. what are your thoughts?

i know several of the followers and readers of the blog are from various places around the u.s. what do you think? does your city have any such taxes or ordinances? how do you think a plastic bag ban would work in your area? do you already use reusable bags?

i'll keep you posted on the status of vintage heart and it's unceasing search for 'perfect products' but until then, share with me your thoughts. leave a comment and let me know how much you love your canvas tote or despise the idea of being charged for a bag. i'd love to hear from you.

for more information regarding plastic bag bans in other locations:
san francisco
australia and a little more ireland
austin's trying! more here

Monday, January 24, 2011


hello there.

i hope this finds you all basking in the glory of yet another monday completed and (hopefully) free of any start-of-the-week casualties. while the beginning of the week can pose itself as a threat to the joy in our lives, i challenge you to find the small things that add color and spice.

vintage heart focuses on those little things. when this humble little shop opens, i hope you find many of these intricacies woven into not only our (exquisitely tasty!) product but also the aesthetics and environment. not only do i believe that the small things in life are often the most beautiful, but they also require us to take pause; to live in each moment to fully embrace them.

so today i will share with you a couple of things that inspire me, and in turn help to shape this vintage heart to come. this is a mere snippet of what makes my soul jump and hints a little bit more at who i am. more importantly though, this is a glimpse into many of things that will one day be a part of vintage heart.

live shows. (in front of the tower no less)
wine nights with good friends.
rainy days.
and coffee breaks, of course.

what inspires you? please do tell.

Monday, January 17, 2011

monday's muse.

*did you notice the shameless use of alliteration? good. moving on.

as most of you are out of work and enjoying the day off, take a moment to enjoy this video.  the national had a big year (way back when, in 2010) so i have no doubt you have already fallen in love with this song.

go forth and listen to good music.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new green

first and foremost, thank you! thanks to all of you that have made your way over here and become a part of this adventure.  i am so appreciative of all of the support and encouragement.  so, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you.  okay, now on to 'business.'

my mother used to say that her favorite part of the year was when she saw 'new green'.  new green, to her, was the first bit of spring that brought to life those barren trees  and the one week a year our texas grass was a color other than 'water me'. you know what i'm talking about, that vibrant green of a new season, a fresh start.  so what does that have to do with anything, you ask?

that is our goal at vintage heart.  to find the new green..albeit in a slightly broader way. as a business our aim is to use as many recycled and biodegradable materials possible, lessen our dependance on the 'to-go' cup, as well as decrease our negative impact on the environment.  in always moving toward this goal, i am also looking for new (and rad) ways to be green.

there are of course a few obvious ways:
-recycling! put those cups and bottles in those blue or green bins rather than the trash
- use less. instead of grabbing a bag of 100 styrofoam plates for your next tail gate, have everyone bring a couple of their favorite (and no i don't mean family heirloom) plates and serve from those. its a couple extra pounds in your bag but you're saving money and there is just not anything good about styrofoam.
-craigslist. you call it selling your stuff that has been sitting in the attic, i call it recycling. win.

and as a few other, maybe less thought of approaches:
- composting. the city of austin has a 30 day challenge in which you learn how to compost at home and how to apply for a tax rebate. commercially the process is a little more complicated, but i am intrigued as to how vintage heart can be a part of this.
- gardening. gardening not only adds a splash of color to your patio or yard, it is also very beneficial for the planet.  you can read here about all of the benefits of gardening. if you're really brave, plant food.
- get creative.  turn those old clothes into aprons, pillows or dish rags.  you can always play it off as vintage if you ever get a curious look. this austinite caught my eye with custom wallets.

what are some of the ways you add a little green to the world?  whether it be making lanterns out of jelly jars (yes please), your trusty 16oz thermos that never leaves your side or a small garden, share it here. let me know what you're up to.