Monday, January 24, 2011


hello there.

i hope this finds you all basking in the glory of yet another monday completed and (hopefully) free of any start-of-the-week casualties. while the beginning of the week can pose itself as a threat to the joy in our lives, i challenge you to find the small things that add color and spice.

vintage heart focuses on those little things. when this humble little shop opens, i hope you find many of these intricacies woven into not only our (exquisitely tasty!) product but also the aesthetics and environment. not only do i believe that the small things in life are often the most beautiful, but they also require us to take pause; to live in each moment to fully embrace them.

so today i will share with you a couple of things that inspire me, and in turn help to shape this vintage heart to come. this is a mere snippet of what makes my soul jump and hints a little bit more at who i am. more importantly though, this is a glimpse into many of things that will one day be a part of vintage heart.

live shows. (in front of the tower no less)
wine nights with good friends.
rainy days.
and coffee breaks, of course.

what inspires you? please do tell.


  1. today it was...
    * watching my "not too cool to say hi to his momma" son wave to me from the gym floor before being recognized for reaching his semester goals in school
    * seeing 11 blue birds on my run and a few cardinals
    * baking the best batch of granola to date and eating too much
    * learning the my coffee supply (only enough left for 2 chemex pots) will be replenished on wednesday w/ my favorite beans: hand carried from rwanda green beans & then roasted by my friend in the town next door

  2. Most all of my inspiration comes on like a flash; color, light, melody, facial expressions, the sensation of a place...memories from some far off time or something I witnessed just yesterday. I try to sort through this chaotic pinball machine brain of mine, pulling at the thoughts I've got that won't leave me alone until I do something about them.

    But, and I can only speak for myself, I think the most inspiring thing anyone can do is to manifest something good. Improvment, beauty, happiness, understanding. Those are the things that drive me to create.

  3. i think i'm going to add one little thing from each of you:
    'not too cool kids' and embrace the 'inspiration [that] comes on like a flash'

    oh, and 'bec, i want some granola.

  4. Photos. Guitars, cellos, and voices singing. New recipes. Exploring mountains in the clouds. Eyes. Changing seasons. Yellow lines with windows down. The inimitable sound of crashing waves. Friendship. Salvation.

  5. Maybe vh can carry my granola as an import? and i really need to share my scone recipe with you b/c, well vh needs those too.