Monday, January 10, 2011

new green

first and foremost, thank you! thanks to all of you that have made your way over here and become a part of this adventure.  i am so appreciative of all of the support and encouragement.  so, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you.  okay, now on to 'business.'

my mother used to say that her favorite part of the year was when she saw 'new green'.  new green, to her, was the first bit of spring that brought to life those barren trees  and the one week a year our texas grass was a color other than 'water me'. you know what i'm talking about, that vibrant green of a new season, a fresh start.  so what does that have to do with anything, you ask?

that is our goal at vintage heart.  to find the new green..albeit in a slightly broader way. as a business our aim is to use as many recycled and biodegradable materials possible, lessen our dependance on the 'to-go' cup, as well as decrease our negative impact on the environment.  in always moving toward this goal, i am also looking for new (and rad) ways to be green.

there are of course a few obvious ways:
-recycling! put those cups and bottles in those blue or green bins rather than the trash
- use less. instead of grabbing a bag of 100 styrofoam plates for your next tail gate, have everyone bring a couple of their favorite (and no i don't mean family heirloom) plates and serve from those. its a couple extra pounds in your bag but you're saving money and there is just not anything good about styrofoam.
-craigslist. you call it selling your stuff that has been sitting in the attic, i call it recycling. win.

and as a few other, maybe less thought of approaches:
- composting. the city of austin has a 30 day challenge in which you learn how to compost at home and how to apply for a tax rebate. commercially the process is a little more complicated, but i am intrigued as to how vintage heart can be a part of this.
- gardening. gardening not only adds a splash of color to your patio or yard, it is also very beneficial for the planet.  you can read here about all of the benefits of gardening. if you're really brave, plant food.
- get creative.  turn those old clothes into aprons, pillows or dish rags.  you can always play it off as vintage if you ever get a curious look. this austinite caught my eye with custom wallets.

what are some of the ways you add a little green to the world?  whether it be making lanterns out of jelly jars (yes please), your trusty 16oz thermos that never leaves your side or a small garden, share it here. let me know what you're up to.


  1. hmmm reusable coffee cuff anyone? ;)

  2. I love all of this. I'm not personally a huge advocate for "renewable/green/zero-waste" things as I'm either lazy or not willing to shell out the extra dough for 'green' products, but the practicality behind all of it should be clear to everyone. You use less stuff, we do have a finite amount of resources on this earth that will eventually run out by virtue of the math, and I hate throwing a bunch of stuff away to occupy space in a landfill. What a great focus for a business to begin this way!

  3. Bingo! I too like J-Czim don't pull my own weight and I opt for easy, rather than efficient (for earth). this is inspiring and will cause change. Every little bit helps.