Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hey sugar.

i love sugar.

this love has, in the past, caused me to take up the hobby of baking. meaning of course, i have been known to throw some flour, sugar and eggs together to come up with some food-coma inducing treats. and what goes better with coffee than pastries, right? i mean, other than scrabble...

in the case of vintage heart, i am putting down my mixer and instead seeking out the trusty hands of fellow austinites who absolutely dominate in the baking world. as a soon-to-be-local coffeeshop, i would love to support fellow locals who are doing things that they love.

so here comes the (ever so predictable) part where i ask you: who do you love? (no i don't mean your puppy or your bff...although i do have a cute puppy..i digress) where do you go when the craving for something sweet strikes? is it quacks? tiffs? hey cupcake? do tell! what is it that you love about their product? what do you always get?

not into sweets? well, know first, that i envy you. i wish i could go a day without pillaging my cabinets looking for something to satisfy the craving. what is it that you pair with your coffee? a bagel? toast? nothing?

me? i'm a scone girl. you can just about guarantee that my favorite days start out with a cup of drip coffee and a (cranberry lemon!) scone. perfect start to those perfect days.

hope this finds you all doing well, and WARM! can we just talk about the crazy weather? seriously, austin. seriously.

let me know you stopped in by 'following'! i would love to say hello to you as well!


  1. Russell's cinnamon rolls. FTMFW.

  2. i more like bagels and muffins over super sweet things. and for both of them, to be perfect, they must be warm!

  3. Whatever that cupcake RV is on South Congress... Michael Jackson is delicious....

  4. Definitely NOT Hey Cupcake. Their cupcakes are my least favorite in Austin. Cupprimo seems to have some solid cupcakes . . . but they also do coffee so I'm not sure they would place nice with another coffee shop. Barrie Cullinan was recently ranked one of the top ten bakers in the country by Bon Appetit, so I have been itching to try her stuff out! http://barriebaking.com/

  5. @beth! i haven't ever been to cupprimo so now i HAVE to go seek them out! i need to start asking you where to go when i want something local, you have such a great feel for what austin truly has to offer :)
    @alex..coffee with your ice cream? i'll take it!
    @hamilton what's your favorite bagel?! cream cheese? jam? do tell.
    @ dana. i love you.
    @ natalie, i love it when you talk dirty. let's get breakfast!

  6. i'm not a coffee person, but i'll always venture out to a coffee shop if i know a little free wifi comes with it ;)