Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pack your bags.

let's talk bags. no, i'm not talking coach. i'm not talking louis vuitton. i'm talking disposable bags. grocery sacks maybe?

i mentioned earlier that VH is going to try desperately to limit waste and find creative ways to recycle.  one thing i feel very passionately about is limiting what we 'need' and what we use. one way of doing that is through reusable items. i want to encourage the use of 'for here' cups and lessen the rush we typically associate with our morning coffee, but that is for another post. today, let's talk bags.

many cities in california as well as many municipalities throughout europe have imposed plastic bag bans.  usually along with the bans, is a built-in bag tax.  there are several sites dedicated to the specifics regarding the campaign behind the ban, but if you want just a general overview, this is a good place to start.

while in a (seemingly) never ending search for the most planet friendly packaging, i think about 'the bag.' i hope to have a small retail area so that you can all stock up and gift every single person you know with only the best of vintage heart memorabilia, and with those mass purchases, you would obviously need something to carry them in. so i ask you, how often to you bring your own bag?

the popularity of the canvas tote bag has been on the rise and they are available at just about any grocery store and boutique. do you use them? do you find them practical? is it just more of a nuisance? do you like the idea of using them but have a hard time remembering to pack them?

i ask merely because i'm curious, and i wonder how such a ban would work in austin. in most (if not all) of the cities that impose these bans, an additional tax on each bag you leave with is also imposed. what about in vintage heart? what do you think would work? paper bags? reusable bags for sale? a small fee, say $.50 charge? too high? do tell. what are your thoughts?

i know several of the followers and readers of the blog are from various places around the u.s. what do you think? does your city have any such taxes or ordinances? how do you think a plastic bag ban would work in your area? do you already use reusable bags?

i'll keep you posted on the status of vintage heart and it's unceasing search for 'perfect products' but until then, share with me your thoughts. leave a comment and let me know how much you love your canvas tote or despise the idea of being charged for a bag. i'd love to hear from you.

for more information regarding plastic bag bans in other locations:
san francisco
australia and a little more ireland
austin's trying! more here


  1. I think it would be embraced - I already carry around extra bags with me pretty often! And my giant purse often serves as an alternative to using a bag when I forget to bring a tote with me. I would be all for a $.50 fee per bag - people frequently only change when their wallet is hit!

    I'm not sure how you receive coffee beans, but if you do receive them in those burlap sacks it could be super cool to repurpose those into 'gift bags' or just totes to sell along side of your gift offerings. . .

  2. beth! i think that is an absolutely fantastic idea! i'm still working on securing which suppliers and roasters vintage heart is going to use, but i can already envision the multiple things that could come from the burlap bags.

    it is also really comforting that you think a ban could (or would) be well received! i know that it is something that i want vintage heart to be a part of for sure. thanks for stopping by!

  3. "do you like the idea of using them but have a hard time remembering to pack them?" this is my problem...

    i know that several of the grocery stores that my mom shops at in plano give a 5 or 10 cent discount for every bag that you bring in yourself. might be more effective than a "bag tax" - puts more of a positive spin on it. an extra "tax" might just piss off your customers, but everyone loves a discount. =)


  4. zeb! i think you're right about the whole positive spin. i definitely want to offer a 'discount' as opposed to a charge..i guess it's about finding a good middle ground, right?