Sunday, February 27, 2011

the scenic route.

never fear, we/i have returned! i know the 1 week hiatus had many of you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering as to what could possibly keep me from posting.

well, i was taking the scenic route. from Los Angeles to Austin to be exact.

on this journey east i consumed far too much gas station coffee, ate way too much sonic and fell in love with life just a bit more.

*as an aside, the gas station coffee has seemingly upped the ante as of late, i only felt absolutely miserable after my stop in sweetwater, tx.

i really enjoy road trips and i certainly hope all of you do as well. not a car person? try a short day trip and grow from there. it would do you well to see the stars from an open sunroof with the heater blasting on your feet.

on this short 3 day trip i had the opportunity to visit the grand canyon for the first time. never been? go. been every year since you were 7? do tell! i enjoyed my experience there (as did my best friend and handicapped dog) despite the five degree temperatures. yes, you read that correctly: five. as in -27. as in 'holy crap i wish i had packed 54 pairs of leggings and shoes other than flip flops.' i digress.

the beauty of our surroundings continues to amaze me. if you haven't been to the grand canyon, or even out to mount bonnell, take a day. pack a lunch. go and soak it up. if nothing else, take the scenic route.

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