Tuesday, March 29, 2011

flash me.

a smile that is.

we have all heard about it. you know, that inevitable topic after dealing with some sort of sales establishment.

customer service. there seems to be a delicate balance between helpful and intrusive. i have spent a large portion of my time in the working world in a customer service role. my first job was in a concession stand at a neighborhood pool making pizzas in the texas heat. i know, you're jealous. i then went on to work in retail for the better part of 4 years and find myself still behind a counter. so i get it, the whole 'customer is always right' thing. i understand the need to be helpful and knowledgeable. i do think it is important to be pleasant when engaging with people, but where is that line? ya know, the line between 'hey, what can we get you this morning/afternoon/evening' and 'holy crap we are so happy you're here we are going to jump from the rafters and we may actually have ponies coming out of our ears!'.. a bit much? i thought so too.

at vintage heart i want you to feel comfortable. not overpowered by a mask of forced enthusiasm or hindered by a sullen attitude that leaves you wondering if you should jump behind the bar and hug your barista. while i strive, in my personal life, to be a loving and light person, i want vintage heart to carry that same air. i want real people serving real people. and that starts with you and me.

so flash me.

take a moment in the next week and smile at the checker at the store. i don't mean smile while you are shoving your debit card back into your wallet, i mean look at them. look into their eyes and smile. you don't have to say anything, just a glance of thanks.

those people you just saw car-dancing to your right when stuck in traffic? smile at them. if they are terrible dancers, smile bigger.

i won't push the subject, since i fear it will start coming across as cheap or trite, but smile. it doesn't take much and your parents probably spent a lot on those teeth. show them off.

if nothing else, smile a bit with your eyes. the people on the receiving end will be grateful, and far more likely to pay it forward.

i would love to hear from you guys throughout the week. let me know if anyone was caught off guard by your *flash.

take care.


  1. I tried to smile at the people at the ticket counter today, but when they wanted a bribe and I didn't want to pay it I resorted to tears. In the end, they got part of the money they wanted and I received my bags at the 1st of 3 airports I will visit today. I'm having coffee @ a lovely little place in Nairobi and a chocolate croissant too. If I had a camera w/ a battery I'd take a photo, because it's really pretty. But I don't, so imagine. XO from Kenya, next stop Rwanda.

  2. 'bec! i am so jealous! not about the tears..but the coffee and red dirt. enjoy your adventures and pack away lots of stories to share. xo from austin.