Tuesday, March 15, 2011


the week is upon us.

i will keep this short and informative as i'm sure you are currently attempting to double-fist your free beer and tacos while finalizing that list of 'secret' shows that you will be fighting hundreds of other people to get to. haven't made it to any of the interactive or film portions of the festival? it's okay. we know you are resting up so the next 90 hours you can be focused on what's really important: keeping up with who is tweeting from where and how long you have to make it there before you miss the best-unknown-show at south-by. oh, and more tacos and beer.

vintage heart looks forward to being a part of the festivities next year, and in an attempt to help make this year's festival the best we can for you, here is a somewhat comprehensive list of places to find more comprehensive lists. so helpful, right?

let's start with twitter, for 'official' sxsw tweets:

some people i recommend following:
@vintageheartatx - various friends of vintage heart will be chiming in to let you know where we are.

our friends over at Austinist have been so generous as to compile a list of their must-sees. check it here. you can also create your own schedule using that site.

show list austin also created a badge-free, unofficial showcase listing here.
looking for side parties? austin 360 can help.

who are you looking forward to seeing? know of any other resources? let us know in the comments section! follow us on twitter and let us know who you saw and where you are heading.

everyone enjoy the festival, take advantage of the freebies out there, and make sure to take a cab if you need to. we want to see you around.



  1. ahhhh!!! i wanna beeeee there!

  2. sxsYES!

    Friday: Shirts for a Cure @ Red 7
    Matt and Kim @ Fader Fort
    Kanye West @ Vevo Power Station

    Friday is going to RULE!