Friday, April 8, 2011

spring forward.

it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday..

i'm sorry, that will never happen again.

however, as we approach the weekend i thought i would end the small bit of silence we had on the blog this week to let you know what vh has been up to, as well as some things to be looking forward to on the blog.

the search is on!  today alone i have meetings set up with coffee roasters (locals no less!) milk distributors and the city of austin (regarding properties). as more steps are made in each of those areas, i will make sure to post in detail about them.

for now, what do you think?

as far as your morning coffee, will you drink whatever someone puts in front of you? are you picky as to a roast (dark, medium, light)? do you hate the corporate monster that is starbucks? enlighten me, i would love to know.  personally, i have really enjoyed learning more about the roasting process and meeting the people behind the companies.  i can't wait to introduce you to them, once everything is decided.

in regards to location, there are two main contenders at this point. i'm going to keep that a tiny secret for now, but where would you like to see vh?  do you live in an area with slim to none as far as coffee choices? if you have a saturated market around you, do you like the options you have or do you still drive out of your way to go somewhere else?  do tell.

and for some things to look forward to:

local highlights - as vintage heart grows and our circle/network expands, we want you to know about it.  there are too many talented people in this city not to highlight them and their craft.  as the series starts off, if you think of anyone that you would love to see spotlighted, shoot an email over to or leave a comment below.  we love meeting new people.

assigning a coffee roaster - as i mentioned earlier, i am in the process of meeting with roasters to find that perfect vh taste.  once we finalize who that will be, they will be making an appearance or ten on the blog to tell you more about their practices and why they are fantastic.

design elements - i'm going to start posting more frequently about what you can expect from vintage heart as a space. admittedly, it is much easier for me to sit and dream all day about fixtures and lighting, wall color and outdoor patios, than it is for me to create spreadsheets involving milk, sugar and cup prices, so i figure who better to share it with than you!

let us know you stopped in and what you think.  our goal is to be approachable and create somewhat of a community. so, share!


  1. I am picky if I can be and will most often choose a medium roast, black cup. Sometimes a treat in the way of a soy latte.

    If I am not able to be picky, I'll try to drink whatever, but I'll be honest and say I've tossed more than 1 cuppa coffee out and accepted the headache later in the day.

    As for corporate giants, I welcome them when all I have had is nescafe for weeks or I need a place with free internet where I can sit and work for hours and there isn't a local option.

    I also loved it when the shop where I buy my beans had a flat price for skim, whole or soy. 1 size so I didn't have to try to say some fancy name. (I still order S, M or L, even when I know I'm to say Vent.) They don't do the same price for soy any longer, but kept the single size menu.

  2. my workday morning coffee is just whatever fits the bill. my coffee experience started out working conferences where I had to be there at 6:30 am and decided to drink whatever swill they had on hand. and we were grateful for it, dangit!

    i've become much less a heathen (depending on who you ask, I guess) since, so now I lean towards a medium or dark roast because I like taste and I drink it black.

    when I do go out, I try to support the local businesses, but sometimes convenience trumps whatever principals I claim to have, so though I'm not even a big fan of their coffee, I'll stop into the local StarsBestBeanleaf if it means getting my caffeine fiend on.

  3. Welll.... I'm a girl who tries different coffee drinks. I don't have a favorite. And if it's too much for me (read: black coffee, espresso, americano, etc.) I simply add a little milk and less than a packet of sugar. As such- I can drink anything.
    While I prefer to support local businesses, I'm still grateful for the Starbucks cards I get at Christmas, and I don't feel bad drinking coffee from there, but I rarely want to go to a corporate coffee shop to study or hang out. I go, I get a cup of joe, I leave. Local shops- I stay and play (or study).
    As for location... I'm a sucker for anything scenic. It doesn't have to necessarily have a view, but I prefer peaceful and aesthetically pleasing(with matching music), whether indoors, or out. This is particularly true if I'm looking for a place to study... and I usually am these days. :-)

  4. My coffee selection depends on what I am on my way to do. Morning coffee is Starbucks, simply because it's the only place that's on my way to work. I'm not very picky when it comes to the morning pick-up, but if I have a choice I will go local.

    I spend the most time at local coffee houses with porches. When I have time, I will sit outside reading or writing and consume several cups of coffee. It's my favorite thing to do.

    Mornings, I drink a dark roast if they have it, and the amount of sugar/cream I put into it varies on how tired I am. I also love a good latte, but the foam has to be done correctly.

    I won't go out of my way for the morning fix, but I will drive a long way to find a good shop with good coffee that's open late, has free wi-fi and an outdoor porch. And a big porch. I hate driving out to a great coffee house and not being able to find a seat. This is why I've always loved your new work place. I never have trouble finding an outdoor seat there!

  5. well it seems we have a consensus! go local unless desperate times call for desperate measures. it's also good to see (@natalie) that aesthetics play a role in the selection of where you go! being a person who thrives on the creative side of a space, that makes my little heart skip a beat. oh! and i'll keep in mind that the morning is just a must-have for most people. hopefully our location will help you all out with the 'oh-gosh-i-gotta-go-to-starbucks' moments. although, i have never been a starbucks hater, myself.

    thanks guys!!