Wednesday, April 27, 2011

play me i'm yours.

hello hello, all. i assume that you have officially recovered from your cadbury egg and peep sugar overdose from the easter weekend. if you still have the shakes and need something to burn off all the sugar, take a walk around our lovely city - you will notice a few new additions.

the 'play me i'm yours' public art project will be on display through april 30. the majority of the pianos are placed near or around the lake austin area. the austin artwork is a small branch to a national art project that has been hitting other major cities. you can see more about the pianos and how they have been received here.

i provided the photo credit above for one of my favorite captures of a local piano. you should head over to Peter Tsai's photography site for a peek at both his portfolio and more shots of the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

the pianos on display are just a small reminder at how much i love street art.  we are fortunate enough to live in a city splashed with expression. have some favorite street art? let us know! send us a link in the comments and we will make sure to feature it here.

take care and enjoy the high 80's as a break from the heat.

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  1. Beth and I saw a little kid prodigy playing one of these last week, it was pretty awesome. Our city is indeed a very cool one to live in.