Friday, May 6, 2011


happy seis de mayo, everyone! yes, i understand the true celebration was yesterday, but today is friday, it's nice out and there are margaritas beckoning each of us as the work day nears completion.. that's cause enough for celebration if you ask me.

i mentioned earlier this week that luke from third coast was going to be chiming in with a guest post to wrap up our week. things got a little crazy with cinco/seis de mayo so we are going to push his post to next week. aren't you so glad i continually taunt you with future postings.. i know, the edge of your seat has become the norm as you wait with bated breath.

okay, moving on.

during my morning coffee-in-hand-scour-the-internet-as-a-means-to-waste-time, time i stumbled across the austin street art flickr group and wanted to share some pretty with you as we head off into the weekend. (don't forget it's mother's day.) we love mom's here at vintage heart so make sure you hug her (full hug, none of that side hug business and definitely no fist bumps)and feel free to say something nice too. acceptable compliments are as follows:

mom, it's a beautiful day out isn't it? almost as beautiful as you. (weather permitting*)

hey guess what, this year for mother's day, urban outfitters brought back mom-jeans. you are such a trend setter.

oh, mom, i went on a great date this week and all i could talk about was how wonderful you are. .. wait, what?

not so great with words and running out of ideas/you just now realized you forgot to get that special lady a little somethin' somethin' on sunday? i'm sure any number of the photographers on this site wouldn't mind knowing their work was gracing a frame somewhere.

here are some of my favorites:

photo credit

photo credit

SC 3
photo credit

photo credit

if you need me, i'll be drinking iced irish coffees by the pool all weekend. cheers!

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