Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eye candy.

welcome back from our glorious memorial day weekend.

hopefully you all enjoyed the time off with friends and family. i for one experienced my first 'legitimate' tubing experience. i have only had one other and it rained the entire time and my face was stuck in a permanent 'i don't understand how people can do this' look.. so i don't count it. this trip went much better. we should all go again. okay? okay.

anyhow, i don't know how many of you sit at the office and think to yourselves, 'man, i should really google vintage heart and see what's new,' but i have news for you:

we have a website-ish. we will soon be leaving this humble blog platform for a more 'grown-up' version if you will.

my very talented friend alex sexton threw together this splash page for us while the site is under construction. when i say threw together i mean did magic, of course.

so head on over there and merely gaze into the wonder of what is to come.


  1. Mal Pal,

    I tried to call you today *finally* and mean robot voices told me to buzz off. Or that you're not currently accepting phone calls, or something equally hurtful.

    Probably not as hurtful as me calling you back 10ish days after you called me. So, I'm meaner than the voices, I guess. But I digress.

    Call me.


  2. @Becca ! hey miss! try this number 512.763.7927 that's the 'official' vintage heart number. if it doesn't go through please let me know!

  3. I like it! I'd love to talk website nerd stuff with you sometime. I'm curious what platform Alex is building the site on. If it's what he used for his own site, I've got a bunch of fun plugins you can use for spicing it up and such. Anyhow, hope all is well...I'm finally catching up on your blog!