Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from start to start.

hey pretties.

so it recently occurred to me that, aside from my short intro back in january, you have little to no idea who i (the 'voice' of vintage heart, if you will) am. where to begin?

my name is mallory, but you already knew that. i spent, what i like to refer to as my 'formative years,' in arlington, tx (which has since turned into a giant strip mall, amiright?). upon graduating college with a degree in communication and a minor in philosophy.. yes, they let me walk the stage with a license to talk endlessly about anything.. i packed up my tiny coupe and drove to LA.

i spent nearly three years in a city that hides beneath both smog and a marine layer and fell in love with life all over again. i have always been one to find the light in the moment and capitalise on it. there is much beauty to be seen, so why focus on what could have been, right? i digress. in LA i worked in a couple different avenues of the music industry, dabbled in the nonprofit world as well pastry catering. as you can see, i don't mind changing things up a bit. however, all of these various bunny trails on my road of life have led me here..to what will soon be a space for you to come in and enjoy the moment.

i chose austin for a variety of reasons. part of me really didn't want to come 'back' to texas since there are so many beautiful places to live in this country alone. but austin, you won me over. time and time again. i look forward to nestling into the city and creating a home of sorts. people here are fantastic and the food is just about as good..okay, also exquisite. not to mention all of the live music. what's not to love?

i'll wrap this up shortly, but i chose the title 'start to start' because that's where i (and vintage heart) am at. every step towards opening day finds me starting a new project. so here we are, starting in a new city with each day a new start. and no, i didn't mean for that to read like a hallmark card.

it's a gorgeous week, take your lunch outside or pull the 'allergy' card and sneak away to zilker.

see you soon.

p.s. here are five facts about me, since i still didn't give you much:

i try to repurpose all of my clothes. they have all been at least one other thing before.
i like old lady furniture and decor.
i have one pair of heels and they are covered in glitter.
i might be obsessed with Mad Men. i am definitely obsessed with Criminal Minds.
i love dinosaurs.

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