Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i'm an addict.

morning, everyone.

i was recently having a conversation with a close friend about the various jobs i have held while on the path to vintage heart. i have worked at a concession stand a public pool (oh, the glory days) then as a summer camp counselor for 3 summers. throughout college i worked in retail then upon graduating i spent time working in the music industry out in LA for a couple years. while i was in LA (more of that to come)i continued to supplement my 'day job' in music with some retail therapy, if you will. i worked as a barista at starbucks (oh relax, you don't have to hate starbucks just because you love small-scale coffee operations and gourmet beans)and continued my sales position in retail. i thrive on customers.

once i realized that i love music but don't particularly enjoy sitting in an office, i moved on and began working in food retail as a barista and manager of a to-remain-nameless cupcake shop. i always knew coffee was 'my thing' but felt like dabbling in other arenas (i.e. music and baking)was healthy and would help to develop a larger scale impression of the food/beverage/hospitality world.

all of that to say: i'm addicted to my customers.

i love making drinks; i love being able to foam your milk just like you like it. but, i love chatting it up with you more. i want to greet you and call you 'darlin' and make sure you leave happier than you came. now, please know i mean this with the most genuine spirit possible. i'm a huge advocate for realism in retail.. meaning, don't be fake with me just to sell something. we are all people and we can all see through the happy-go-lucky attitude if you aren't genuine in it.

but, customers make me happy. i thrive on the chatter i can strike up with you while at the register. i have been known to ask, 'how's you're night going so far?' or, 'ohhhh, all dressed up, what's the occassion?' and whevener possible, 'first date huh, niiiice.' i may also tell you that you're pretty. even you guys..i mean handsome.

a large number of my closest friends would not be as such if it weren't for coffee shop banter. so know,when you come into vintage heart, know that you will be invested in as more than a customer: i really want to know how your morning/noon/night has been. i really want you to feel comfortable in the shop,to know you have a place here (here being the soon-to-be-perfect location, of course).

i look forward to seeing you on the other side of the counter.

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