Sunday, May 22, 2011

it was bound to happen.

everyone, take a seat, grab your coffee and breathe deeply.. vintage heart has, in fact, had...

it's first heartbreak.

phew, now that we got that out of the way.

i consider myself lucky that, generally, things tend to fall into place in a way that works. now, please don't read that as, 'i get absolutely everything my way.' because, promise, that is not the case. however, i can recognize when something works out for the best. all of that to say, the property that i have been in love with (read: mildly obsessing over) has gone into a 'pending' contract with a bar/grill/one-more-multiple-flat-screen-sports-place. i'm trying not to be jealous. it's not working well. i digress.

this set back has provided me with a renewed sense of 'mallory, you MUST get out and find more properties, familiarize yourself with the areas that have a need for what you are hoping to create, and areas of growth.' so if you see a sad little 2 door silver coupe, that's me. feel free to wave, i will probably be so excited i'll try and hand you a burned cd out the window.

this 'pending contract' has also brought to light the elements of vintage heart that i am not willing to compromise on. i want a patio space. i need a patio space. vintage heart requires a small space for an urban garden, whether in planters or straight into the ground. parking. we must have (ample) parking. can i get an amen?

but please, don't read me wrong: i was very disappointed. when i get somewhat discouraged with the progress (or lack of) i have to remind myself why i am trying to do this. i have to surround myself with things that inspire me. i must find little [pieces of] vintage heart out and about. so i did what any inspiration seeking young coffeeacholic would do: i headed to lowes.

there i picked up copious amounts of paint chips, some metallic (a light gold and a brushed nickel) spray paints and started questioning random employees and strangers alike on their feelings towards contractors and lighting companies. upon returning home i tried to assemble some semblance of a color pallet. when i found myself struggling, i dug out my 'envelope of pretty' which includes clippings from various publications that i think are fantastic.

so, what are the colors you say? well, that's still to be told, but this is what resulted from the 'creative session' on my living room floor.

welcome to the chaos of 'pretty'.

where do you find the things that make you spark?


  1. Oh :( The location is the part I'm most invested in. But yay for not getting discouraged! <3

  2. i know the feeling! but i have hope that we will find the perfect little home for us to get all nestled into.