Monday, May 2, 2011

monday mash-up

morning everyone, i hope the weekend treated you well! with the gloom, i'm sure everyone is sitting in anticipation for any drop of rain. keep praying/dancing/chanting/whatever-it-is-you-do, we need rain. plus, it's pretty and my car needs washed. anyway..

i figure it's monday, no one is really ready to read some in-depth analysis on coffee trading and practices, business accounting or the long list of requirements involved in 'the perfect location' so here's a little mash-up to get you going for the week.

Graham Reynolds vs The Red Piano from Raphael Umscheid on Vimeo.
here is a followup video to the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

Have you heard?? FunFunFun Fest will be moving over to auditorium shores this year. The festival has grown out of it's humble home of waterloo park and will be taking place Nov. 5 and 6. let's go.

size doesn't matter. these local artists (and defiers of gravity), tiny tin hearts, have been entertaining me lately. they will be playing a few shows in the coming months to support the release of a new album. rumor has it, they will be playing with good friends of vh, ghostward. get excited people, get excited.

have anything that you constantly peruse when getting back into the groove for the week? leave it here. i'd love to wander the interwebs with you.

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