Thursday, May 26, 2011

vintage finds.

i have, in the past, defined my style as 'hipster granny.' tolly over at austin eavesdropper likens her style obsession to 'granny chic.' whichever term you prefer, or feel that you most ascribe to, i hope that this little mid-week post will help to boost you into granny-nerddom.

the shop will be full of stuff. you say, 'obviously, mallory.' i mean though, if you think about all of the things that go into supplying a coffee shop to be functional there is a lot [ much] stuff that you need. while i gather that it would be much [much] easier to order all of my supplies from a restaurant mart or ikea, i just can't bring myself to do it.

this leads me here. to digging through goodwill shelves and thrift stores alike. i enjoy the time away from the computer screen and numbers that baffle me and i find little gems that will grace the shelves (and hopefully your hands) shortly. this desire to find grandmother's favorite coffee mug also fulfills my need to be somewhat green. i posted earlier on finding different and unique ways to be green in the day-to-day. i love to repurpose and revive items who found themselves homeless. so, this weekly-ish trip to grandmother's house (and away from the 'business' side of work) will most likely become a somewhat regular posting on this humble little blog.

my hope is that you
a: realize we all have a little grandma inside. gents, pull out the suspenders and weirdly foam-padded trucker hat, it's okay to be a little gramps.
b: get a glimpse of something to look forward to. all of the items showcased will be in the shop. they are begging to be found so feel free to pick favorites now.
c: inspire just a teensie bit of curiosity towards reviving old household goods.

so here you go, a few vintage finds for your thursday.

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