Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer reading.

morning, how are you?

has everyone battened down the hatches for this week of 102+ temps? assuming so, you will probably need something other than your facebook newsfeed (yes, there is another source of information out there) to peruse while avoiding the heat and humidity that might actually make you turn into a raisin. i have been cooking up a couple different posts of substance that will hopefully make their way into the world shortly, but until then, here are a few blogs/sites that i would add to your google reader. like now. there are two categories: local and long distance. enjoy!

austin evesdropper : tolly, that austin girl
hipstercrite : lauren
adored austin : indiana
newspaper blackout : austin kleon
greening austin daily : greeeeeen

long distance:
inspiratherapy : carolyn
bephotography : becca
sara dee : make pretty noise

who do you have bookmarked to check in on? there are tons of very talented austin bloggers out there, who's your favorite?

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