Wednesday, June 1, 2011

vintage finds vol. 2

hipster granny has struck again!

word travels fast that i enjoy surrounding myself with grandma-inspired things. a good friend of mine (whom you will be formally introduced to shortly, as they are a vital part of vh) and her mother had a bit of a house cleaning party if you will. with that came a multitude of great finds (and um, can we say free). i am going to post just a couple of my absolute favorites but please know there is much more where this came from. that and i can't give away everything before we open, right?

doilies, candlesticks, handkerchiefs (check out those colors. yes please) and cloth napkins

cloth napkins are to die for. when i lived in LA i had a good friend who only used cloth napkins. for everything. every dinner party. every luncheon. every everything. she even packed them on our surfing day picnics. besides being absolutely amazed at the sheer quantity she had, i was always impressed with how functional they were. now, granted, we are all used to cloth napkins in restaurants, but what if we added them into a few more areas of life?

i am currently trying to figure out exactly how we can use cloth napkins in vintage heart. this takes 'figuring out' for of a variety of reasons. let me give you a small view into the world of vh decision making. brace yourselves.

scenario: cloth napkin deliberation
first thought: wow, it would be really cool to try and integrate cloth napkins into vintage heart.
second thougth: hm, that would really cut down on paper waste.
third thought: i wonder exactly how many i would need..if each customer took one while they were in the shop..i would need maybe 300 a day? (which then leads to a thinktank on how many customers we can expect to have on a regular day, then dividing that into how many sit and stay and how many are to-go, not to mention all of the catastrophic spills that are bound to happen)
fourth thought: i hate laundry. who is going to wash these?
fifth thought: what if there are other granny obsessed people out there who steal them? is it worth the risk? it would be kind of cool to know they are taking a bit of vh home with them. wait, did i just encourage stealing?
sixth thought: i hate laundry. do i hire someone to wash these?

welcome to the chaos (my brain).

so, i'll ask you: what do you think about the practicality of cloth napkins vs traditional paper ones? do you feel like it would make you more conscious of what you are using? does it gross you out? do you think it's cool? let me know below!

while cloth napkins may not whip you into a verbal frenzy, i hope this little update at least provided a break from the non-stop day. oh! and if any of you stumble upon some vintage finds, do tell. sharing is caring.


  1. we only use cloth napkins in our house and we love them! I would love to see you guys use cloth instead of paper . . . I bet you could find tons at estate sales! And if someone takes one, so be it. . . the rest would continue to be reused. . . :)

  2. thanks beth! it has been really fun collecting the napkins as well as hearing people's thoughts on them via the blog and twitter. i'm thinking they have found a permament home at vh!

    also, we need to get together and be craft nerds. k?k.

  3. If you think about it, every restaurant where you sit down is using cloth napkins...they're just not unique and cool. They're still napkins being washed and reused so this shouldn't gross anyone out at all. For dine-in customers, absolutely use them. For to-go, either don't provide napkins unless requested and/or only use recycled stuff.

    I encourage the getting together with Beth since that means I'd see you too.