Thursday, June 16, 2011

welcome to the family

not only is it friday, but it is also the day of reveal! i know you have all been waiting anxiously to find out what new 'big announcement' could possibly be made. well, there are few but i want to keep you in suspense, so for today - just one.

meet lolly.

i have a tendency to give things names of endearment, hence lolly. derived from la marzocco, clearly. i have been dreaming of the day when i have my VERY OWN, fancy, italian made la marzocco. as i near more and more to a day of open doors, little moments remind me that that day is nearing. today was one of those days. i'm still geeked out about it. i may or may not have had a mini photoshoot of the new equipment... you may or may not see those later. maybe. anyhow..

i had the pleasure of finding this gem through the ever-loving third coast coffee and our soon-to-be partner in crime, douglas (he runs a beverage supply shop. read: caramel sauce, chocolate, heaven). it was especially fun to head over to the roasterie and pick up lolly in good company. did i mind when they said, 'you need to take a picture!' no, no i did not.

enjoy your weekend. also, hi! this is my first official 'appearance' on the blog. it's good to meet you.