Tuesday, July 5, 2011

christmas in july.

i have a confession: i'm not a big holiday person.  birthdays tend to be more my thing, but holidays? not so much. 


one of the major reasons i have wanted to open a coffee shop is with the intention of creating a home for people.  a place to come and feel welcome, let go of the breath you have been holding tightly and exhale. somewhere that you know you are genuinely appreciated, if even by a stranger.

home is, for me, a somewhat foreign concept.  i have always been a rambling soul of sorts and have made quite a career out of moving about, never really getting settled. throughout my various journeys, i have embraced the importance of community.  even when you are far from what you would traditionally consider home, it is important to gather and celebrate, to share in life.  so i present to you:

orphan holidays.

on thanksgiving and christmas, vintage heart will be closed.  my employees deserve the opportunity to spend time with their families, so i don't believe in asking them to work.  but vintage heart will be open.  our doors will be open for you to come and sit at our table and enjoy a holiday meal.  all i ask is that you bring a little something with you to pass on to someone else: a blanket, canned goods or any other item that will be of service to someone in need.  you bring that, i'll supply the food (and witty banter if i may say so). 

sure, the first few moments at the table might be awkward, but in the awkward i have made lifelong friends. that awkward led me here, so i believe in it. as the holidays approach (and our doors are actually open) more information will be released as to specifics, but until then, know that you are not alone.  you don't have to sit and watch TNT marathons of the seven varieties of Law & Order all alone with your dog.  you are welcome to my table. heck, bring the pup too.

i hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july and i look forward to seeing you around the vintage heart table soon.


  1. the way you think makes my heart sing. love you can't wait to see you. xo

  2. I can't wait til this happens. I'm pretty sure Beth can help with the food piece. I can't guarantee we'll be around for Christmas since family beacons, but we're almost always in town on T-giving.