Wednesday, July 20, 2011

light up.

hello.  i have been pounding out numbers all day long, so i figure it's best to stop and catch up with you fine people.  it often occurs to me that i randomly spout out information regarding the shop -some vague, some detailed - but that i rarely show you something that will be IN the shop. except for lolly, of course. so today i'm going to show you what i swoon over.

this is what the lighting will be based on. i am hoping to keep the shop lit with mostly natural light during the day (big windows!) and softly lit with exposed pendant lamps and lanters.

what do you think? you like?

what would you like to see in the shop? better yet, have any questions about the process/what i'm up to/when you can expect us/my favorite color?

how about that 'rain' yesterday, huh?

1 comment:

  1. Beth has this old crummy guitar that she painted purple and silver back when she was in high school...that would be super cool to hang on a wall. And I could set it up and make it actually playable...then you'd have a guitar on-hand for anyone who wanted to, um, me. :)