Friday, July 1, 2011

office hours.

please tell me you are all listening to,' july,july!' by the decemberists today. it's a july first must, so get on it.

as the week winds down and holiday festivies are gearing up, i figured i would throw out a teensie FAQ post. almost everyday i am questioned about what is going on with the shop, what stage of the process i am in and what i think about it all. that being said, i thought that perhaps you had those same questions as well. let's dive in.

q:so, where are you exactly in the process?
a: well, i'm learning that the 'process' looks different for everyone, but i have divided mine up into three 'acts' if you will.
       I:move to austin and find the area/location for the shop
      II: begin construction/renovating/making it home
     III: training staff and opening the doors

obviously, within each of these 'acts' there are many steps, but i would say, with confidence that vintage heart finds herself in the middle of act I. a property has been found (omg yessssss, did you just get really excited? good. you should be.)and meetings have been had about what changes to the space need to be made in order for the fancy city of austin to let me do business there. at this point, i am simply waiting for a little mathmagician to figure out the final figures and then i will begin meeting with lenders, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. if a giant check would fall from the sky, that would be perfect. got any rich uncles? send them my way. i will bake them cookies.

q:what's going to be on the menu
a: perfection, of course. but really, the menu will clean and easy to navigate. no bells and whistles. you will have your typical selection of americano and lattes. there will be some house specialties, which will be stunning. there will be no blended drinks (say whaaat? yes. no blenders. it's okay, i love you. we'll talk more about this later). everything on the menu will be sourced as locally as possible, will be as fair trade as possible and will most certainly be organic when possible. a small sandwich menu is in the making and i'm chatting with a local bakery on daily deliveries of their goodness. still thinking about the blenders? it's going to be okay.

q: so, what's the inside going to look like?
a: some things are meant to be kept a'll just have to wait and see :)

q: how do you even go about doing this? where do you start?
a: honestly, i'm learning it as i go. i am thankful that many small business owners have come before me and provided invaluable resources. i am fortunate enough to have found a wonderful team of people (third coast coffee roasters, for one) who have not only been supportive of all my crazy antics, but also insightful and willing to assist.

as far as where i started? well, i mentioned before it started several years ago. i have spent the last few years becoming the kind of person and leader that i have always wanted to be. (i don't like that sentence but i don't know a better way to say that, semantics fail me) i'm still learning. i'm still developing skill-sets pertaining to business ownership and workplace communication. my goal is only to be a fair and kind woman who has a staff who knows they are appreciated and valued. well, and to provide a welcoming place for you to call your coffeehome, of course. oh, and color palettes. lots of playing with color palettes.

q: so where do you get all this work done?
a: everywhere. during 'quiet times' while i nanny as my day job, all night at various kitchen tables to people who host me, at other austin coffee shops. it's usually a sprawl of random papers, folders, beverages and magazine clippings (for inspiration, of course).

hope that answers a few of your questions and gets you excited about what is to come. please have a wonderful and safe fourth of july weekend, everyone. come back to austin in one piece (and if you choose to explode fireworks even though our entire state will probably ignite due to how extraordinarily dry it is, try and come back with all of your limbs).

oh, and this is a slight screenshot of the typicall work space. i'm not embarassed about the mess, but a little bit about the pbr. forgive me? kthanks.


  1. I am SO proud of you! Can't wait to host you in my home for scones and coffee soon. Keep working with diligence and grace. xo

  2. I can't wait for this place to open. I need a third place. This is it.

  3. "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!"

  4. July July is good, but for some reason, when I think of July music, my mind immediately goes to:

    Keane - Nothing in My Way

    During the chorus he says "Why'd you lie?" - which naturally sounds exactly like:

    Why July?!

    (later he says "Don't know what July for" - I can't figure that one out, though)