Wednesday, July 27, 2011

something's gotta give.

morning (oh, gosh, afternoon)!

i hope this finds you all well. the wheels have been turning rapidly over here on the vintage heart side of life. no complaints, of course. so, let's see where we are at, shall we?

four meetings tomorrow: lawyers, roasting company (they hold the key to my heart) lending advisors and real estate brokers.

all those meetings basically bring us to: oh my goodness, cross your fingers, we may have a home in september! that's the goal at least.

in learning this 'open up a business all by yourself' process, i have learned so much about not only the coffee/specialty retail world, but also about construction and all of it's finer points (like my fantastic architecture firm ). i have learned that this wonderful city we call home requires you to have about 300 permits. and permits for those permits. and most importantly, i have started making a little home in the coffee niche of wonderful people.

as i have gone through various stages of development and planning i have had to make some changes (which felt like life altering sacrifices at times) for the betterment of the vision and ultimately the shop. now, there are some things that i will not budge on. as in, imagine i am stomping one foot down with fists on hips and glaring at you. there will be no blenders in the shop. none. nope. i won't allow it. it would probably take a divine act for me to change my mind on that one. bhowever, there are some things that i have learned to loosen up on. 'what could that be' you ask?

syrups. i had mentioned in a previous post that all of our syrups were going to be made in-house. i so wanted it to be that way; i had dreamt up random syrups and recipes and practiced in my kitchen, but after speaking with people who have been in the coffee world a lot longer than i have, its just not practical. more importantly, i can't guarantee a level of consistency that you deserve, meaning, your drinks could taste slightly different from batch to batch. now, we will still have a couple in house syrups that may appear seasonally so we haven't completely abandoned the concept.

random interior design elements. i wanted a suspended community table. cool, right? well i had been shopping last summer in echo park and i saw an apparel store had all their denim on a suspended table and i just about died. i thought, 'that needs to happen.' well, it could happen, but then i would need to worry about structural saftey of my building, the exact materials we would need to use in order to create a sway-free floating table (can you imagine the chaos of swinging lattes?) and the off chance that someone would walk right into it..yeah, far-fetched but i have to keep random issues like that in mind.

so, to all of you that have been following along thus far, i'm so glad you are here. the next few months are going to be pretty exciting (i certainly hope!) so the reads should be as well. i look forward to the day when vintage heart opens her doors to you.

be well.

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