Sunday, July 17, 2011

we're still here!


despite the week-long hiatus from the blogosphere, vintage heart lives on.  i do apologize for the silence, though.  last week was somewhat hectic so sitting down, sorting thoughts, and typing sentences was not going to happen.

so, what is new with vintage heart? what's the progress?

well, let me tell you:

- we are THIS close to having an estimated start date. as in, when i get keys and can start building this shop out. hopefully. oh the world of lending, leasing and permitting.
- a couple more lovely local suppliers have joined the ranks! ( i will save the details on that one for later, don't want to overwhelm you with too much on a monday).
- i have been navigating the ins and outs of this city and had the pleasure of meeting so many helpful and kind people.  last week alone i spoke with contractors, architects, accountants, lending advisors and management firms. oh, and bakeries, towel services and milk men. to name a few.

this week will be full of meetings as well, a few less - with a few less harsh deadlines - so i hope to be a bit more present.  i have a stock pile of people to introduce you to so be looking for them soon.

how are you? what have you been up to these scorching-ohmygoshseriously-hot days?

oh, and to start you off right:

i love this video. i hope you do too. the graduate just recently released news that they were no longer, but i recommend clicking on over to their site. they have that perfect summer sound that you don't want to love but you just can't help it.

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