Friday, August 12, 2011

it's luke's birthday. and other interesting tidbits.

welcome, friday. it has been a long, hot week and i am glad you have come to usher in the weekend.

how are all of you today? i have little 'new news' for you all, so how about a hodgepodge of a post? good.

i feel like i haven't been nearly as diligent as i would like to be here on this humble little blogspace. i promise to work on that. what would you like to see more of? would you like more information on the people that will be partnered with vintage heart? do you want to know more about the vision or design elements? what about the menu? or the process? let me know. i hate to bore you all with sporadic, haphazard entries that leave you wishing you have those three minutes let me know what YOU would find interesting.

i was over at third coast this week and luke //who's birthday is today so you should call (512. 444.7820) the shop incessantly, ask for him, then sing obnoxiously// recommended i check out a little product called,


so i went home, curled up onto the comfy chair in our house (which, i have never sat in until recently, when we moved it into the dining room so we could clean the living room carpets. i kind of like it located here in the middle of the room..maybe i can convince the roommate to keep it?.. i digress.) and went right on over to

besides being a designer's perfect dream, we have an index card sized book that not only encourages you to test your pallet, but let's you document it in the furthest extent of nerddom. i see no wrong with this.

inside the book they offer a flavor wheel allowing you to really investigate specific flavors you taste and subtle hints you may pick up on. it has room to document brew method, bean origin, price, roaster, and how you rate it. i mean, if i were to get geeked out about something printed on 100% recycled and or post-consumer used paper, this would most certianly be it.

if you also enjoy beer and wine, they have 33books for that as well. you can find them here and and here.

so i will leave you with that. go forth and drink good coffee, then support the happy people at 33coffees and write it down.

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