Sunday, August 14, 2011

livin' the dream.

i am taking a break from more editing of more pages in the
same-documents-i-have-been-working-on-f o r e v e r.

the drama in that statement was both entirely necessary and intentional. over the weekend i stumbled across this article and it got me thinking. well, personally it got me reflecting and then turning my perspective towards others, and how they may be processing similar situations.

i will give you a brief synopsis of the article, on the off chance you don't feel like clicking the perfect hyperlink and reading the entire article.

in this time of economic hardship where jobs are scarce and professionals who, once touted high salaries partnered with respectable titles and positions, are finding themselves without, many people are turning to 'plan b' or 'their dream job.' this all sounds fantastic, right? well, for those mentioned in the article, this turned into more anguish than help as their hours increased form 40/week to 60+ and they realized that they ran the entire show, with little to no outside help. suddenly their dream has quickly turned into a nightmare, and often an expensive one, at that.

what surprises me most about this is that each individual mentioned was of a different demographic both professionally as well as in age. i think this is important to note, simply as i think our society tends to lean towards the younger generation as having an unrealistic set of ideals towards 'doing whatever it is you put your mind to.' please hear me say, i don't have it all figured out and i am not pretending that i do. i mean, i spend way too many hours doing and re-doing tasks that, if i were more knowledgeable in certain areas or possessed the skill-sets of a small army, would be done much more efficiently.

i feel very fortunate that i have had mentors and encouragement on this path towards vintage heart. i am also, to a fault at times, absurdly rational. i have mentioned before that i have to walk the aisle of the paint department or flip through magazines to remind myself of the pretty that will be included in vintage heart. my lean towards rationality has often led me to momentarily forget the why behind my big dream, as opposed to merely the what and how.

i am also thankful that i prepared myself mentally to work while in the process of setting up shop. i work close to 60 hours/week nannying small children, while squeezing in meetings and phone calls during 'quiet times' and pulling all nighters to stay on top of my work load and keep the launch date 'on schedule.' again, this isn't to tout my planning skills and wave my finger at them in a, 'um you should have known' manner, but merely to express that it is a challenge to venture off down a new and unpaved path. it does take time. it is taxing.

but it's worth it. knowing that one day i will hand you a perfect drink, makes it worth it. looking forward to the conversations and the stories shared, makes it worth it.

so what are your thoughts? what's your big dream? do tell.

also, happy monday!

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