Monday, August 8, 2011

a weekend away.

happy monday, pretties. i hope this finds you well.

i took a tiny road trip north to the ozarks for the weekend. for any of you who know me personally, you know that i was planning an adventure of quite some measure and decided to postpone it for a later day. this week i am off of work (yes, no screaming children for 13 hour days. i know, a miracle.) and decided that, rather than taking off into the expanse of highways our pretty country offers, i would stay in town and plan meeting after meeting, property walk-through after walk-through and enjoy the freedom to work on this humble little home for you.

i am fortunate that the people who surround me generally understand that i am a work-a-holic and my sweet friend/momma 'becca created a weekend of sheer relaxation and peace. no schedule. no alarm clocks. lots of vintage shops. lots and lots. oh, and a tour of wal-mart.

here is a small peek at my weekend and hopefully something pretty to look at as your work week starts.

i'll be more diligent this week in keeping you all in the loop of the most recent happenings. promise. happy monday, all.

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