Thursday, November 10, 2011

one step at a time.

hey pretties.

 how are you? have you bundled up with your favorite scarf and switched to hot coffee yet?

 i have always been somewhat of a summer girl. okay, i have always been unabashedly a summer girl. with my (somewhat) recent move to the lone star state i have had to break up with summer and move on to a new season.

autumn, i'm yours.

the crisp air and clear skies beckon to be enjoyed and i look forward to providing a cozy porch and some warm coffee for you to enjoy this season better. some exciting things are going on over here, promise.

 in the next couple of weeks you can look forward to:

a ridiculous announcement. yes.
a reveal of some new branding. i know, you're pumped.
a functioning website. everyone can breathe that we will be leaving blogger and entering into the 'real' internet world.

 as far as progress, it's a slow and steady process. one that, soon, i hope to share with you about. in excruciating detial.

until then, be well, loves.
see you soon.

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