Wednesday, April 27, 2011

play me i'm yours.

hello hello, all. i assume that you have officially recovered from your cadbury egg and peep sugar overdose from the easter weekend. if you still have the shakes and need something to burn off all the sugar, take a walk around our lovely city - you will notice a few new additions.

the 'play me i'm yours' public art project will be on display through april 30. the majority of the pianos are placed near or around the lake austin area. the austin artwork is a small branch to a national art project that has been hitting other major cities. you can see more about the pianos and how they have been received here.

i provided the photo credit above for one of my favorite captures of a local piano. you should head over to Peter Tsai's photography site for a peek at both his portfolio and more shots of the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

the pianos on display are just a small reminder at how much i love street art.  we are fortunate enough to live in a city splashed with expression. have some favorite street art? let us know! send us a link in the comments and we will make sure to feature it here.

take care and enjoy the high 80's as a break from the heat.

Friday, April 22, 2011

welcome to the family.

the wait is over, the time has come. are you ready?

i am pleased to introduce you to the newest branch of the vintage heart family tree.

third coast coffee roasting!

this company has not only won my heart by providing consistently stellar coffees and espresso (i'm constantly over-caffeinated, thank you) but also with their charming personalities. most importantly though, they have complete transparency with their product. i will briefly touch on a few elements of their practices today, but luke (the all knowing - always informed - people person of the group) will be guest posting here periodically to give you a more thorough understanding.

here it is, one of the first (of many to come) family portraits.

(left to right: joe, clay (lower), luke, linda)

so, some quick facts on the third coast crew:

located: here in town! head down south congress past ben white and they are tucked away right at st. elmo street. their entire roasting facility as well as offices are located there. it's a really great space and they have been gracious enough to give me short tutorials on the roasting process.

who: joe is the owner and roasting master. okay, he might not call himself that (master), but he is. he works very closely with the co-ops and farmers to make sure the quality of life and beans are all excellent. more on that later.

what: coffee! they have organic, fair trade and transitional coffees. luke is going to post on the details and specifications of all of those titles so be looking forward to that. as i mentioned earlier, they have complete transparency with their product. each pound of coffee that leaves the warehouse has a tracking number on it that you can take to the third coast website and see exactly where the beans originated. i know, i love that too.

so, there it is! thanks everyone for chiming in to see what the big reveal was! it was fun getting to hear from you all via facebook/twitter/blogger! keep in touch!

want to know more about third coast and just can't wait?
you can find them on twitter (@roastedbyjoe) and their website.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

such a tease.

hello lovelies.

i will be announcing (probably friday) some very exciting news .. so hold onto your knickers.

yes, i said knickers.

until then, please watch this and geek out with me.  the music is a personal favorite (i have long been a fan of ben cooper's various and multiple projects) and the process, well, i'm a coffee girl so i love it.

Green Bean from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

spring forward.

it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday..

i'm sorry, that will never happen again.

however, as we approach the weekend i thought i would end the small bit of silence we had on the blog this week to let you know what vh has been up to, as well as some things to be looking forward to on the blog.

the search is on!  today alone i have meetings set up with coffee roasters (locals no less!) milk distributors and the city of austin (regarding properties). as more steps are made in each of those areas, i will make sure to post in detail about them.

for now, what do you think?

as far as your morning coffee, will you drink whatever someone puts in front of you? are you picky as to a roast (dark, medium, light)? do you hate the corporate monster that is starbucks? enlighten me, i would love to know.  personally, i have really enjoyed learning more about the roasting process and meeting the people behind the companies.  i can't wait to introduce you to them, once everything is decided.

in regards to location, there are two main contenders at this point. i'm going to keep that a tiny secret for now, but where would you like to see vh?  do you live in an area with slim to none as far as coffee choices? if you have a saturated market around you, do you like the options you have or do you still drive out of your way to go somewhere else?  do tell.

and for some things to look forward to:

local highlights - as vintage heart grows and our circle/network expands, we want you to know about it.  there are too many talented people in this city not to highlight them and their craft.  as the series starts off, if you think of anyone that you would love to see spotlighted, shoot an email over to or leave a comment below.  we love meeting new people.

assigning a coffee roaster - as i mentioned earlier, i am in the process of meeting with roasters to find that perfect vh taste.  once we finalize who that will be, they will be making an appearance or ten on the blog to tell you more about their practices and why they are fantastic.

design elements - i'm going to start posting more frequently about what you can expect from vintage heart as a space. admittedly, it is much easier for me to sit and dream all day about fixtures and lighting, wall color and outdoor patios, than it is for me to create spreadsheets involving milk, sugar and cup prices, so i figure who better to share it with than you!

let us know you stopped in and what you think.  our goal is to be approachable and create somewhat of a community. so, share!