Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eye candy.

welcome back from our glorious memorial day weekend.

hopefully you all enjoyed the time off with friends and family. i for one experienced my first 'legitimate' tubing experience. i have only had one other and it rained the entire time and my face was stuck in a permanent 'i don't understand how people can do this' look.. so i don't count it. this trip went much better. we should all go again. okay? okay.

anyhow, i don't know how many of you sit at the office and think to yourselves, 'man, i should really google vintage heart and see what's new,' but i have news for you:

we have a website-ish. we will soon be leaving this humble blog platform for a more 'grown-up' version if you will.

my very talented friend alex sexton threw together this splash page for us while the site is under construction. when i say threw together i mean did magic, of course.

so head on over there and merely gaze into the wonder of what is to come.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

vintage finds.

i have, in the past, defined my style as 'hipster granny.' tolly over at austin eavesdropper likens her style obsession to 'granny chic.' whichever term you prefer, or feel that you most ascribe to, i hope that this little mid-week post will help to boost you into granny-nerddom.

the shop will be full of stuff. you say, 'obviously, mallory.' i mean though, if you think about all of the things that go into supplying a coffee shop to be functional there is a lot [really..so much] stuff that you need. while i gather that it would be much [much] easier to order all of my supplies from a restaurant mart or ikea, i just can't bring myself to do it.

this leads me here. to digging through goodwill shelves and thrift stores alike. i enjoy the time away from the computer screen and numbers that baffle me and i find little gems that will grace the shelves (and hopefully your hands) shortly. this desire to find grandmother's favorite coffee mug also fulfills my need to be somewhat green. i posted earlier on finding different and unique ways to be green in the day-to-day. i love to repurpose and revive items who found themselves homeless. so, this weekly-ish trip to grandmother's house (and away from the 'business' side of work) will most likely become a somewhat regular posting on this humble little blog.

my hope is that you
a: realize we all have a little grandma inside. gents, pull out the suspenders and weirdly foam-padded trucker hat, it's okay to be a little gramps.
b: get a glimpse of something to look forward to. all of the items showcased will be in the shop. they are begging to be found so feel free to pick favorites now.
c: inspire just a teensie bit of curiosity towards reviving old household goods.

so here you go, a few vintage finds for your thursday.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it was bound to happen.

everyone, take a seat, grab your coffee and breathe deeply.. vintage heart has, in fact, had...

it's first heartbreak.

phew, now that we got that out of the way.

i consider myself lucky that, generally, things tend to fall into place in a way that works. now, please don't read that as, 'i get absolutely everything my way.' because, promise, that is not the case. however, i can recognize when something works out for the best. all of that to say, the property that i have been in love with (read: mildly obsessing over) has gone into a 'pending' contract with a bar/grill/one-more-multiple-flat-screen-sports-place. i'm trying not to be jealous. it's not working well. i digress.

this set back has provided me with a renewed sense of 'mallory, you MUST get out and find more properties, familiarize yourself with the areas that have a need for what you are hoping to create, and areas of growth.' so if you see a sad little 2 door silver coupe, that's me. feel free to wave, i will probably be so excited i'll try and hand you a burned cd out the window.

this 'pending contract' has also brought to light the elements of vintage heart that i am not willing to compromise on. i want a patio space. i need a patio space. vintage heart requires a small space for an urban garden, whether in planters or straight into the ground. parking. we must have (ample) parking. can i get an amen?

but please, don't read me wrong: i was very disappointed. when i get somewhat discouraged with the progress (or lack of) i have to remind myself why i am trying to do this. i have to surround myself with things that inspire me. i must find little [pieces of] vintage heart out and about. so i did what any inspiration seeking young coffeeacholic would do: i headed to lowes.

there i picked up copious amounts of paint chips, some metallic (a light gold and a brushed nickel) spray paints and started questioning random employees and strangers alike on their feelings towards contractors and lighting companies. upon returning home i tried to assemble some semblance of a color pallet. when i found myself struggling, i dug out my 'envelope of pretty' which includes clippings from various publications that i think are fantastic.

so, what are the colors you say? well, that's still to be told, but this is what resulted from the 'creative session' on my living room floor.

welcome to the chaos of 'pretty'.

where do you find the things that make you spark?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

famous friends.

i will be honest, i have remarkably talented (famous in my book) friends.  here is a little diddy my friend chris took for myself and vintage heart.

do you have any 'famous' friends? brag on them below. i would love to see what creativity is up to these days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from start to start.

hey pretties.

so it recently occurred to me that, aside from my short intro back in january, you have little to no idea who i (the 'voice' of vintage heart, if you will) am. where to begin?

my name is mallory, but you already knew that. i spent, what i like to refer to as my 'formative years,' in arlington, tx (which has since turned into a giant strip mall, amiright?). upon graduating college with a degree in communication and a minor in philosophy.. yes, they let me walk the stage with a license to talk endlessly about anything.. i packed up my tiny coupe and drove to LA.

i spent nearly three years in a city that hides beneath both smog and a marine layer and fell in love with life all over again. i have always been one to find the light in the moment and capitalise on it. there is much beauty to be seen, so why focus on what could have been, right? i digress. in LA i worked in a couple different avenues of the music industry, dabbled in the nonprofit world as well pastry catering. as you can see, i don't mind changing things up a bit. however, all of these various bunny trails on my road of life have led me here..to what will soon be a space for you to come in and enjoy the moment.

i chose austin for a variety of reasons. part of me really didn't want to come 'back' to texas since there are so many beautiful places to live in this country alone. but austin, you won me over. time and time again. i look forward to nestling into the city and creating a home of sorts. people here are fantastic and the food is just about as good..okay, also exquisite. not to mention all of the live music. what's not to love?

i'll wrap this up shortly, but i chose the title 'start to start' because that's where i (and vintage heart) am at. every step towards opening day finds me starting a new project. so here we are, starting in a new city with each day a new start. and no, i didn't mean for that to read like a hallmark card.

it's a gorgeous week, take your lunch outside or pull the 'allergy' card and sneak away to zilker.

see you soon.

p.s. here are five facts about me, since i still didn't give you much:

i try to repurpose all of my clothes. they have all been at least one other thing before.
i like old lady furniture and decor.
i have one pair of heels and they are covered in glitter.
i might be obsessed with Mad Men. i am definitely obsessed with Criminal Minds.
i love dinosaurs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

shop talk.


i hope you are all frolicking around in the rain and splashing through puddles! thank goodness we finally get some of the storms coming through.

anyway, as promised, luke from third coast, is dropping in today to let you know a little more about their/our(!!!) coffee practices. if you find that you have any questions or are dying to know more, leave a comment in the space below and we'll make sure they get answered. and without further adieu..


Greetings all,
It's nice to finally meet you, and we're very excited to be joining the Vintage Heart family. Mallory invited me to drop by intermittently and post on all things Third Coast—who we are, what we do, why we do it, and other such etceteras. Little did she know what a maelstrom of verbosity she was about to unleash. Just kidding. I'll keep it in check.

I wanted to kick this series off with a few more basics about us as a company. Joe has been roasting coffee here in Austin since 1993, and his business partner Linda has been working the more visible side of the coffee world for just as long. We are a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing group that works directly with Fair Trade cooperatives in fifteen countries. CC's raison d'etre is to provide long-term, direct trading relationships that stick to the principles of Fair Trade while going beyond wherever possible. If you're interested in our trading practices, I recommend you make a quick pit stop here.
The coolest thing—from my perspective—about our involvement in Cooperative Coffees is that it keeps us actively engaged in the communities that we source our coffee from. Joe was invited to judge a coffee festival in Honduras in March, and he spent a good chunk of January meeting with farmers and teaching a roasting clinic in Nicaragua; Linda went to Sumatra in November to build relationships with a few of our newer trading partners there. Our contracts take into account not only the quality and market price of coffee, but also the necessities of life on the ground in coffee-growing communities.
Mallory mentioned transitional coffee in her earlier post, so I wanted to include a few words about that as well. If any of you are familiar with organic agriculture, you'll know that there's a “waiting period” during which crops must be grown organically but cannot yet be sold as such—while this rule exists for a good reason, it does provide a powerful disincentive for farmers to make the switch to organic coffee-growing: their yields drop temporarily as their trees adjust to new conditions, but they don't have access to higher prices to make up for the difference.
As such, we actively seek out farms that are in the midst of this transitional phase and buy their coffee at a premium akin to (and often exceeding) the standard premium paid for organic coffee. Doing so takes the sting off the most difficult parts of the organic transition, and by marketing this coffee as “Transitional” rather than merely “conventional,” we give you the heads-up that you're still supporting a very worthy cause. Assuming, of course, that you're into organic coffee, which we hope you are.
That should probably be all for now, but I'll drop by again soon. Please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know about us; I'd be happy to expound on anything and everything that piques your interest.
Be well,


thanks luke! that was wonderful, even if you did use capital letters.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i'm an addict.

morning, everyone.

i was recently having a conversation with a close friend about the various jobs i have held while on the path to vintage heart. i have worked at a concession stand a public pool (oh, the glory days) then as a summer camp counselor for 3 summers. throughout college i worked in retail then upon graduating i spent time working in the music industry out in LA for a couple years. while i was in LA (more of that to come)i continued to supplement my 'day job' in music with some retail therapy, if you will. i worked as a barista at starbucks (oh relax, you don't have to hate starbucks just because you love small-scale coffee operations and gourmet beans)and continued my sales position in retail. i thrive on customers.

once i realized that i love music but don't particularly enjoy sitting in an office, i moved on and began working in food retail as a barista and manager of a to-remain-nameless cupcake shop. i always knew coffee was 'my thing' but felt like dabbling in other arenas (i.e. music and baking)was healthy and would help to develop a larger scale impression of the food/beverage/hospitality world.

all of that to say: i'm addicted to my customers.

i love making drinks; i love being able to foam your milk just like you like it. but, i love chatting it up with you more. i want to greet you and call you 'darlin' and make sure you leave happier than you came. now, please know i mean this with the most genuine spirit possible. i'm a huge advocate for realism in retail.. meaning, don't be fake with me just to sell something. we are all people and we can all see through the happy-go-lucky attitude if you aren't genuine in it.

but, customers make me happy. i thrive on the chatter i can strike up with you while at the register. i have been known to ask, 'how's you're night going so far?' or, 'ohhhh, all dressed up, what's the occassion?' and whevener possible, 'first date huh, niiiice.' i may also tell you that you're pretty. even you guys..i mean handsome.

a large number of my closest friends would not be as such if it weren't for coffee shop banter. so know,when you come into vintage heart, know that you will be invested in as more than a customer: i really want to know how your morning/noon/night has been. i really want you to feel comfortable in the shop,to know you have a place here (here being the soon-to-be-perfect location, of course).

i look forward to seeing you on the other side of the counter.

Friday, May 6, 2011


happy seis de mayo, everyone! yes, i understand the true celebration was yesterday, but today is friday, it's nice out and there are margaritas beckoning each of us as the work day nears completion.. that's cause enough for celebration if you ask me.

i mentioned earlier this week that luke from third coast was going to be chiming in with a guest post to wrap up our week. things got a little crazy with cinco/seis de mayo so we are going to push his post to next week. aren't you so glad i continually taunt you with future postings.. i know, the edge of your seat has become the norm as you wait with bated breath.

okay, moving on.

during my morning coffee-in-hand-scour-the-internet-as-a-means-to-waste-time, time i stumbled across the austin street art flickr group and wanted to share some pretty with you as we head off into the weekend. (don't forget it's mother's day.) we love mom's here at vintage heart so make sure you hug her (full hug, none of that side hug business and definitely no fist bumps)and feel free to say something nice too. acceptable compliments are as follows:

mom, it's a beautiful day out isn't it? almost as beautiful as you. (weather permitting*)

hey guess what, this year for mother's day, urban outfitters brought back mom-jeans. you are such a trend setter.

oh, mom, i went on a great date this week and all i could talk about was how wonderful you are. .. wait, what?

not so great with words and running out of ideas/you just now realized you forgot to get that special lady a little somethin' somethin' on sunday? i'm sure any number of the photographers on this site wouldn't mind knowing their work was gracing a frame somewhere.

here are some of my favorites:

photo credit

photo credit

SC 3
photo credit

photo credit

if you need me, i'll be drinking iced irish coffees by the pool all weekend. cheers!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

something to look forward to.

i'm a big fan of knowing that, not only is friday coming, but something worth reading is coming friday. okay, maybe i don't sit anxiously awaiting for friday lit, but you should.

luke from third coast will be posting here friday and letting you know a little bit more about the third coast family.

to hold you over until then?

enjoy some pretty.

Monday, May 2, 2011

monday mash-up

morning everyone, i hope the weekend treated you well! with the gloom, i'm sure everyone is sitting in anticipation for any drop of rain. keep praying/dancing/chanting/whatever-it-is-you-do, we need rain. plus, it's pretty and my car needs washed. anyway..

i figure it's monday, no one is really ready to read some in-depth analysis on coffee trading and practices, business accounting or the long list of requirements involved in 'the perfect location' so here's a little mash-up to get you going for the week.

Graham Reynolds vs The Red Piano from Raphael Umscheid on Vimeo.
here is a followup video to the 'play me i'm yours' campaign.

Have you heard?? FunFunFun Fest will be moving over to auditorium shores this year. The festival has grown out of it's humble home of waterloo park and will be taking place Nov. 5 and 6. let's go.

size doesn't matter. these local artists (and defiers of gravity), tiny tin hearts, have been entertaining me lately. they will be playing a few shows in the coming months to support the release of a new album. rumor has it, they will be playing with good friends of vh, ghostward. get excited people, get excited.

have anything that you constantly peruse when getting back into the groove for the week? leave it here. i'd love to wander the interwebs with you.