Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hipster videos and fancy milk.

i love hipsters as much as the next gal. okay, probably more. that being said, i don't mind at all that these fine human beings tend to find themselves in coffee shops.  but sometimes i come across videos like this that make me giggle at how coffee snobby we can be.  pretty art, pretty hipsters and pretty music.


Latte Art from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.

like what you heard? radical face.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


things have been spinning along here, as usual.  i wanted to take a break from the silence and let you know a little bit of what is 'actually' happening on this side of things.

property talk:
i don't know how many of you out there have ever purchased/rented a commercial property.  it is quite the process, as i'm learning.  while this process is exciting (i mean, we are talking location, people!) it can also be very daunting.  each door i walk through, there are ten more waiting.

the city of austin requires "x: amount of parking spaces per square foot of guest area. this parking must also have "x" amount of handicapped spaces and "x" amount of entrances and ramps into the business.  there is also a lengthy list of requirements regarding bathrooms, and flooring materials, and ceiling materials and electric requirements and etc. all of this sounds common sense, except when the existing structure doesn't feature (any of) what you need.

so what does that mean? it means, as this shop is being molded into what will hopefully become a staple in the austin coffee world, i can't make rash or impatient decisions. my natural tendency is to act on what i think is best and simply plow forward. it doesn't usually work that way in this situation.  i have to make sure that whatever decisions are on the table at any given moment, are deliberated from the perspective of longevity and overall best interest of the shop.  it means being able to walk away from something that feels like a dream come true, knowing that deep down it wasn't the perfect fit, but so wanting it to be. 

and that is where we are at. vintage heart is still (in my mind) on track for spring of 2012 and i am sincerely hoping by the end of this month to be able to unveil some exciting news.  until then, here we are. spinning.

hope you are well, lovelies.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

welcome the cool weather.

hey there lovelies.

 yes, vintage heart is still here, albeit, somewhat quieter than usual. how are you? i hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. with the chaos of the central texas fires, i found it hard to fully relax this weekend. i spent the majority of monday running around like a crazy person dropping off toiletries, undergarments and water bottles to anyone who would take them. while i tend to have a heart that leaps during crisis, i have a couple of friends who have been affected quite directly by this disaster, making it all the more necessary to aide in any way i could. i look forward to the day when vintage heart can be a drop-off site for disaster relief as well as a hub of information regarding ways to help.

even with the calamity of the fires, something beautiful did come from this weekend: a cool front. fall. mornings that require a cardigan. A CARDIGAN! the little southern california girl in me jumped with joy when i put on a light sweater over a sundress. what is that you say? i can wear jeans and a tank top? JEANS? don't mind if i do.

know what goes great with cool weather? i have a list, in case you were unsure:

- coffee. duh. (oh my goodness, its seasonal drink time, people. get. excited.)
- football season. i must say that i actually really hate football. i do love tailgating though. i look forward to some irish coffees at the tailgates as the temperatures drop a bit more.
- scarves. which brings me to WORN.

while living in LA i had the pleasure of meeting a sweet girl named abbi. we lived together for about 3 months in a tiny apartment with too many people, a great view, and the constant hum of LAX a mere couple miles away. oh the sounds of home. i digress.

since meeting abbi, she has gotten married to geoff and changed her last name, moved to fort worth, tx, and started an organization called WORN. the mission of this organization is "to provide refugee women living in the United States a supplemental source of income, empowering them to rise above poverty." while they are not local to austin, they are based here in texas, so i thought it fair enough to mention. WORN has spoken at many events, has placement of their product in local shops in fort worth and is valiantly taking the fashion world by storm.

 you can find out more about WORN on their website, and view their fantastic product line here. i mean, i could definitely go for the always scarf. green please.

 know of any other organizations that you would like to see more of? let me know.

let's be a little love in this world of crazy, okay.

p.s. if you are looking for ways to help with the central texas fires, here are a few resources:
Austin Disaster Relief Network
Capital Area Food Bank
Central Tx Red Cross
Austin Community Foundation
Capital Area United Way